Food that LOVES & HEALS You | Eating 1 Fruit for 3 Days #detoxchallenge!

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The Context

Fruitarianism (/fruːˈtɛəriənɪzəm/) is a diet that consists entirely or primarily of fruits in the botanical sense, and possibly nuts and seeds, but without animal products. Fruitarianism is a subset of dietary veganism.

I've been speaking a lot about fruitarianism lately as I believe it has huge healing potential. If you ask me, consuming the right fruits in the right way has the potential to heal every single disease there is.

You probably wonder, why is that so? Well, the answer is simple, majority of modern diseases is caused by ingesting wrong things in ourselves.

The food industry's main & only priority is PROFIT. They'll do everything in their power to make as shitty products as possible & pay tons of money to convince you how that is the right product for you.

That's why, when you come in the mainstream supermarket, you most likely won't find anything that's good for you. FOOD FROM THE BOX is slave food, read the ingredients carefully & you'll notice why is that so.

As I spoke on many occasions, that kind of foods intoxicate your organism & slowly congest the flow of life force energy through our beautiful miracle machines (bodies).

Watch my video on hatin' through supermarket below (click the picture):

If these kinds of evil markets were not enough, now you have a fastfood chain or a bakery on pretty much every corner you go. If by some miracle, there might be a smoothie stand or something similar, it will most likely be armed with artificial (supermarket) fruits.

Don't get me wrong, in some remote places of the world the situation is better, such as Thailand, Indonesia etc but in majority of advanced places, situation is pretty much the same.

You'd probably think USA & Europe are advanced, well that's just a story. Majority of people in these countries eats the same slave food we are talking about. When you oppose it to some less advanced countries, you'll notice how somewhere POOR = RICH. In terms of less busy lifestyle, eating less but natural foods, etc.


Artificial VS Nature debunked!

It's really easy to understand, just picture every cell inside of you as light, more light you intake more light you'll have in your cells & therefore your vibration will be stronger.

When inputting artificial things in ourselves, such as processed sugars, meats & GMO, we pretty much take light from our cells just to process that kind of food (instead of giving them it).

And okay, you might say that isn't a problem, maybe it isn't to a 2 year old child who is in perfect condition, but as time passes, it will become.

Organs will get heavily filled with toxins leading to them not functioning in the proper way, as more & more time passes eventually some cells will stay without any light & that's the point where serious disease will occur (in form of serious organ damage, cancer etc)

For example, in ancient Egypt, a single case of cancer was never registered. Feels like a coincidence? When you observe how they approached nutrition, it's really a no brainer. It is estimated, how modern Egyptian consumed 10 times more magnesium than modern human does.

Not just that, fruits, legumes & vegetables were one of the major parts of their diet. They approached fasting seriously & were aware of all the amazing benefits it hides...

If you are new to fasting, read my short article about it here.

If you want to read a bit about Juicing, click this link here.

Juicing is something I plan to incorporate in latter phases of this challenge, currently the goal is to eat monogamous meal of fruits as I will explain soon.


Juice from the organic oranges is such an energy bomb you wouldn't believe me if I told you. When I used to consume only orange juice through my days I was literally flying (in every way you can imagine). Flowing with the universe :D

Detox Challenge (explained)

The purpose of this challenge is to get average human closer to the huge healing capabilities fruit has. Even if someone is not on raw diet, consuming monogamous meal of fruit for 3 days should be enough to show him some advantages.

Hopefully with encouragement of some people from my tribe (@tribesteemup) I want this challenge to spread & reach as many communities we can.

The plan is to demystify modern beliefs of nutrition, such as:

  • We need meat to be healthy & strong

  • Meat protein is best protein

  • We need protein

  • Carbohydrates are bad

  • Fruit sugar is danger

  • I will get sick & weak eating fruits & veggies...

Obviously, in the beginning, process might be a bit tough to swallow but it's nothing a strong mind can't handle. I can assure you, after first day of Fruiting you'll notice how:

  • You feel significantly lighter

  • You don't waste so much energy on digestion

  • Everything feels better

  • Your stomach loves it

  • You are at peace

  • Your endurance is higher

And don't get me wrong, to someone who was on a different diet his whole life, this might feel as a shock. But that's perfectly normal, every change feels heavy at the beginning.

Getting out of comfort zone is crucial for our growth so at times like those, I usually feel positive. That's how I tend to look at things, instead of searching for negatives I'm aware how much more positives are coming afterwards. It's way healthier for mind state. :)

I even made a video about the #detoxchallenge & you can check it here (click the picture):

Another purpose of this challenge is to show you what eating only fruits for 3 days can do to your being. It's a number I made up, as I feel it's optimal in the beginning of transition, and I feel anyone with stronger mind can handle it pretty easy. If you feel you are not strong enough, don't worry, I'll make sure to keep this updated weekly. :)

It's funny how some of the stronger youtube fruitarians channels went missing, but we won't let that to stop us on reaching our goal. John Rose is one of the daddy's of modern fruitarianism, even though the roots go all the way to ancient Greece & even before.

For example, Pythagorus was a fruitarian & he lived 200+ years. Lots of statement from back then prove how many more philosophers were eating solo fresh fruits as well, they easily outlived modern humans & their hair never turned gray!

If this seems to ancient for you, there are many youtubers that are proving these facts with their daily actions. I encourage you to check John Rose, a guy who changed many lives & states that he:

  • Sees better than ever with 60 years

  • Has stronger sexual function than ever

  • Is stronger in general than ever

  • Can last for days

  • Needs less sleep

  • Has no energy ups & downs etc

So just imagine now, if a guy with 60+ years feels like this. How could you feel if you start this on time? Probably much better. The age of deception is dying & we are the era of new humans, we have the potential to become superhumans & with right knowledge, that's really not hard to do.

That's why we must understand what eating is. It's not something to just numb our feelings, overeat when we feel like it, eat cause we desire a certain taste... No. It's much much more. Food literally becomes a part of you & therefore, has the potential to upgrade your DNA, your whole being. Believe me, that is the best gift you can give to your future generations... And future generations in general.

So practically, the main goal of this challenge is to GIVE THE POWER BACK TO THE PEOPLE and ensure a new, more stabilized world for the future present moments. Together we can do it, I just need to get traction on this challenge for the start :P

Please, if you decide to support this challenge, make sure to always use the #detoxchallenge tag so I can find you!


How to do Fruit Detox (properly)?

This is probably one of the easiest detoxes you'll try in your life.

Literally, all you need is to get your hands on 1 organic fruit in quantity that should cover around 1200-1800 (depends on you) calories daily for the next three days.

Some ideal fruits for monogamous detox would be:

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Pears
  • Peaches
  • Melons
  • Watermelons
  • Grapes
  • Mangos
  • Figs (super-alkalizing of the body)

But these are the fruits that are common in my country, that's why I listed them. If you come from any exotic country & can get your hands on different types of fruits, go for it!

Just ask yourself, would I eat this for 3 days straight?

Second thing you need to pay attention is, the time when you consume your fruits.

The only rules of this detox are:

  • don't eat straight in the morning! (water with lemon is much better).

  • don't drink liquids (if you use fruit with lot of liquid), if you don't: make sure to NOT CONSUME LIQUIDS 2 hours after you eat. This is a MUST for the detox to go how it should go.

  • consume your monogamous meals in 2 big meals or eat more less meals throughout the day (depends how you feel it's better)

  • DON'T EAT at least 2 hours before you go to sleep

That's about it, 3 days straight & make sure to contact me, let's create a movement here of stronger & healthier individuals! I feel I made it all clear, if anything is unclear to you at this point make sure to tell me about it, I'll correct it or add anything as soon as possible! I'm getting back online tomorrow.

The communities I will ask for support are as I already said @tribesteemup & one I didn't mention @naturalmedicine

Natural medicine is a movement I really enjoy, not to say that kind of medicine changed my life. So I absolutely love that community & you can expect me to mention them much more in the future present moments.

By the way, I want to thank them in advance for supporting this. :D

Please always make sure to use the #detoxchallenge tag so we can find each other. Thanks! :)

You are loved & appreciated. YOUniverse loves YOU. Yours sincerely, enjoyinglife (in the nature)


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Excelente post amigo, @enjoyinglife.

Love this. I once did a strawberry fast for 7 days and I felt amazing. Waiting for the soursop season to start here to do another mono fruit detox. Fruits in season now aren't my favorites... though I love pineapples but they make my tongue sting.


I love strawberries :) but pineapple tho, it contains bromelain so it's not suitable to eat in big quantities :)

Anyway, I would be totally honored if you decide to join the challenge

If you change your mind, let me know :)


I definitely will but there are not many fruits in season right now so it will have to wait until all the sweet goodies return to the markets and garden.

I might try this out and I'll definitely share my experience here on Steemit.
I guess that giving up on coffee would be the biggest challenge for me, but at the same time I feel like my body needs some kind of cleanse/detox/reset.

Thanks for sharing and inspiring! :)


Please do it, I would be so glad

We can create a movement here:)

Btw totally feel you about coffee, even though I don't consume it for 8+ years but I'm aware how addictive it is

And it's not good for us if it's not 100% organic... But I guess you know it

Anyway, make sure to reach me if you decide to join :) I'm excited

Fantastic post about the power of fruit @enjoyinglife! For years I used to do the "grape diet/fast" for between 10 and 21 days. The benefits are amazing and of course you aren't actually hungry but energised. I had so much extra time for more important things that would've been spent over a stove! I hope you get plenty of people taking up your challenge


Thanks a lot @buckaroo :) You should most definitely join the challenge then :)

Honestly, I feel like someone with your experience can contribute a lot!


Thanks for the compliment @enjoyinglife. I would love too. BUT. I'm breastfeeding and have an appetite that an acre of fruit trees won't satisfy! I used to do a 4 day fruit fast at least twice a year until I was pregnant. I loved it. It really is like servicing your vehicle and the benefits are remarkable. These days my baby and I settle for a fruit smoothie for breakfast.


Oh, nice to know! :) sometime in the future present moments then, make sure to kiss your baby on the cheek from me!

I just started on my own personal detox today and now I read this. The detox I am doing is the lemon juice detox. Usually this would be done with maple syrup, but since there are still a huge amount of sugars in maple syrup (although I love it...but yeah...can't have everything) I am using agave syrup instead. So far, I've done this detox about 6 times and it's not even hard! Only the first day my body and mind were still fighting it, but after that even the smell of any other kind of food made me sick. So yeah, I'm right there with you, only going on a bit longer. :)

When I was living in Asia, I spent a couple of weeks in the jungle of Malaysia. I lived off (mostly) bananas for nearly 3 weeks and never felt hungry or anything. And I'd only really eat what I needed, never more. So at the end, I ate about 3-4 bananas a day and felt great!

It's so funny (well, if you can call it that) when I see the records of people living well into their hundreds or more. I know that people have been living way longer than we are made to believe. I think that this is done on purpose. Tell us that people used to die when they were very young and then offering modern medicine and vaccines as the 'cure'. I mean, most people actually believe that it's modern medicine that is saving our lives when nothing could be further from the truth (mostly, not always of course...).

Great article!


That sounds awesome :) I would highly appreciate it if you join the challenge & help us move with your detox... I feel a lot can be achieved if right people enter here with their various experiences

About Asia, oh my :) I absolutely LOVE bananas! jelly a bit :D Obviously if you can get your hands on organic ones :) in my country, they don't exist

Yeah definitely, hundreds are nothing special... they lived 200 hundred and more, but lot has been done to hide that from us

We are convinced how we are the most advanced civilization until now with reaching eighties in developed countries :P yeah right, I don't know who buys that BS

Modern medicine is a fraud, along with pharmacy... fruits beat them any day of the week :)


Love the idea of the challenge. I won't as I can't hack that much fruit sugar! I will alert crew 're tgis in Discord.

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Sister, thanks for the bottom of my heart for the support! You are appreciated :)

By the way, are you sure about fruit sugars? It's no different for us than mother's milk, but it has to be consumed alone...


No problem!! I love your work and wish you success. Feel free to chat about in in the Discord for NM? And drop in the alt diets archive. Maybe more will see it that way too?

My adrenals are super touchy so too much sugar of any kind wreaks havoc. Pineapples, lemons and green apples are good as they are alkalising as far as I know. Personally apart from occasional fasting I'm not keen on diets as they stuff with my metabolism and I feel I'm on an even keel eating healthily 💚🙏 but thats from years of personal study and consideration of what works best for me personally.

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Thank you! <3 I will do it.

I got you :) oh my, green apples are a miracle for a detox... I would love to juice them & stay on it for 10 days

Heard so much beautiful things about that fast... I love pineapples but I't nos possible to eat too much of them as bromelain is a bit pain for the tongue :P

What kind of diet do you prefer then, if I might ask? I'm just curious :)

Eating a lot of products of the soil may help lessen the danger of numerous sicknesses, including coronary illness, hypertension, and a few tumors. Vitamins and Minerals. Foods grown from the ground are wealthy in vitamins and minerals that assistance you feel sound and empowered.


Exactly, everything you said is on point. I hope you are using that true knowledge you posses!