Cannabis Oil has Remarkable Health Benefits

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Medicinal Marijuana continues to be a Taboo even though it is used since ancient Ages. Where could the reasoning lay? In far away 1930, US government did all in their Power to Demonize the Plant as hard as they could.


Were they successful? Seems like it. Even 88 years after the Propaganda, my mother still thinks the Plant is a Gateway to Heroin even though she has no rational Reasoning on her side.

I decided I will bring you a in depth look, at this beautiful piece of Nature. It has so many potential advantages for your Lifestyle that it would be a Sin not to pay attention. As a matter of Fact, one Drop of pure & organic Cannabis Oil changes your Reality.


Is one of 60 compounds found in marijuana belonging to cannabinoids. THC usually gets most of the attention since it has the Potential to change Perception. CBD is the major non-psychoactive component of Cannabis sativa. Since being examined, CBD's list of benefits is getting longer day by day...

A study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology stated that:

CBD benefits including acting in some experimental models as an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antiemetic, anxiolytic and antipsychotic agent, and is therefore a potential medicine for the treatment of neuroinflammation, epilepsy, oxidative injury, vomiting and nausea, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Meaning, CBD treats various symptoms that may seem unrelated at first - but in fact they aren't. Modern research proved that all the ailments treated by CBD are caused by dysregulation of ECS (endocannabinoid system).

Research is beginning to show that CBD is different than other well-studied cannabinoids. All cannabinoids act as ligands, meaning they dock onto the binding site of a protein and have the ability to modulate a receptor’s behavior. CB1 receptors are widely distributed, but are particularly abundant in areas of the brain, including those concerned with movement, coordination, pain and sensory perception, emotion, memory, cognition, autonomic and endocrine functions.

CBD will never alter your State of Mind, but rather make it beneficial for you.

Always make sure to get CBD from organic Cannabis strains, bi-products are being served as something Original nowadays when in Reality they can cause Harm.


Encocannabinoid System


Biochemical Communication System that was discovered through researching Effects of Cannabis on the Body. Not until then was discovered how our bodies create their own form of Cannabinoids called Anandamide a.k.a. Bliss Molecule. This molecular signaling system communicates with all the cells in our body in order to regulate their function and existence.

The System does work differently in different Parts but the whole Purpose of it is internal Balance - Homeostasis of physical Body & mental State.

Benefits of CBD


  • Natural Pain Reliever
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Smoking & Drugs Withdrawal
  • Treats Mental Health Disorders
  • Treats Epilepsy
  • Helps Fight Cancer
  • Neuroprotector
  • Heals Anxiety
  • Reverses Diabetes Type 1
  • Treatment for Skin Conditions
  • Prevents Alzheimer's Disease
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health
  • Speeds Up Metabolism
  • Relieves Nausea


How To Use CBD?


Educate yourself on how to dose it right. Equivalent of one small Grain of Rice is ideal for the Beginners. As your Immunity gets stronger, increase the Dosage.


Attention: Overdosing on the Cannabis CBD can result in many Ways!


My Ex Client with cerebral Paralysis did it once. He entered another Reality, running along the huge green Fields whole Night. Next morning when he woke up, his Muscles were more relaxed than ever before!


Mainstream Doctors call it a Miracle... I call it Mama Nature or Reality 😉

Find a Way to get your Hands on this. I can guarantee you that you'll be happy for the rest of your Life. Experience-wise. Need to repeat, always search solely & only for quality organic Oil! There is lot of synthetic Cannabis these days, especially now when big Bio-Technological Corps got in the Game...

Don't let yourself get tricked! Nature can only be Nature. Nothing with such Miraculous Benefits can be copied in a Laboratory.


Take good Care of yourself & don't fall for the Propaganda and Bullshit!

Contact me in Regards with anything, I'll be more than glad to HELP YOU OUT!

Kind Regards :)


yaa i gonna Cannabis Oil has Remarkable Health Benefits. i am support all time Cannabis Oil .everybody need this Cannabis Oil .

It is very therapeutic, unfortunately in the United States we have a illness based medical system. Without the masses being in a constant state of sickness of one type or another, the entire economy would collapse. That is how bad things are here, and what a huge roll sickness plays in our country. Isn't it funny that we call it "health" insurance. It should be called sickness insurance. After all we don't call flood insurance dryness insurance.

Sadly thats true, but not only in the US it actually happens Globally

absolutely true

the cannabis will make you relax

The problem is how can we get it and how much is it.

Sorry, I know I've posted it on other comments but I want to be sure they get the notifications. This company is very reputable and offers you the chance to have your own cbd oil business for free. Check it out here

Amazon (US) has it. $30 for a small bottle, which lasts for a month or more.

I buy mine over the net. You obviously have to have layers of security on your computer though if you live in country where cannabis is illegal.

I have just started shopping on dream market..

It's great and the prices are cheap. The cannabis is dispatched immediately by most vendors and your bitcoin or other crypto is kept in escrow until your cannabis arrives by post. it's great.
I'm thinking of writing a tutorial on how to go about it...

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Cannabis is better than Opioid and the long term benefits of cannabis is also better than Opioid. But they still considered illegal to most countries because it brings a threat to health industry it could put down many drug industry out of business because of the health benefits of Cannabis like curing cancer and other illnesses.

" ... it brings a threat to health industry ...." sadly true :(

I'm salivating on my self

I know Ive smoked too much when i'm staring at google homepage n don't know what to type lol

We use hemp oil orally and externally for the omegas and the results have wonderful. We also consume hemp seeds and make hemp milk out of it. Great stuff!

Hemp Oil is not the same as what I've wrote about in the Article.

Thanks for this informational post.

it`s great to read this stuff and learn some things that you can not do on tv or newspapers

This is very informative: I didn't know all of the benefits like anti inflammatory, clearer arteries, and probably the most important to me - reduced anxiety. Quick question - I would love to use cannabis oil based on your described benefits, would it come up in a drug test? I have to take one soon. Also, cool story about the paralyzed guy who took the oil and entered another reality! I wonder what effects it could have on me ;P

Which CBD Oil products would you recommend? Preferably tinctures.

I'd recommend 100% Organic Cannabis Oil! :)

That is the one that is harder to find, but the benefits are many :P

Would you be able to point me to reputable brands/companies that sell 100% organic Cannabis Oil?

Would love to Man!

But I'm from Eastern Europe & that kind of ingredient is completely illegal here!

Gonna have to wish you good luck :) Make sure to find someone who is closer to you, regarding to that

This is a very reputable company that has 100% US sourced Hemp CBD oil products. You can even have your own cbd oil business that is free! No sign up fee, no monthly fees and discounts for all your purchases. Check it out here

Have any links?

You can google them, pretty easy to find :D

Here's a great company 100% US based, high quality hemp cbd oil, money back guarantee and you can become a resident for free.

yes it must be. food too. its synergistic
id love to learn about this

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it's amazing, really, how this plant works miracle in such a cheaper way than what most other "drugs" that society deems to accept.

but it's damn annoying when your country had a very harsh way of looking into this plant. In my country, it's viewed as a taboo, they linked it with religion and such.

and like any other problems surrounding the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana, there's too much party involved and too much money to be toyed around with marijuana being illegal.

the cops.. esp the NARCS, the drug industries, etc

as a person living in a country full of corruption in the government and the police. i HATED the way they view this topic.

if you ever had the time, look up the name "Fidelis Ari" in YT or any other news platform (i hope they covered it in english). It's about this husband who was a low-middle income citizen that struggles with the burden of handling his wife's rare disease. he found that marijuana helps his wife in some ways and was buying it from the black market a couple of times.

he knew that planting was a cheaper solution than buying, so he planted. governie founded out. he was jailed. and his wife's died.

it was hard to take in, srsly.

thanks for the nice post, I hope everyone had a better picture regarding this plant, it has coexisted with us, humans, for a long time!

oh btw, i've quick searched "fidelis ari" and there was no news in english, but i explained it so yeah u get it.

thanks for the post! a nice read brother.

What you wrote here, is the exact replica of a current State of my Country.

I'm pretty sure we can agree it can be said for many Countries all over the World. :D

It's about this husband who was a low-middle income citizen that struggles with the burden of handling his wife's rare disease. he found that marijuana helps his wife in some ways and was buying it from the black market a couple of times.

he knew that planting was a cheaper solution than buying, so he planted. governie founded out. he was jailed. and his wife's died.

Pretty much the same happened here. The guy who couldn't move his limbs good without Oil got Jailed for it... and in majority of Nations is the same :/

Don't worry thanks for your Time :)


the sun put it on earth......🤓

I watched the film "flatliners" just last night and they were able to go into another realm when they were "dead" for 1 to 3 minutes. I wonder if having cannabis have a similar effect, only with no danger of not being able to come back to life again. This is all so interesting....

It is incredible all the medicinal properties that this great ancestral plant has, as I have said in some of my publications, all medicine is in nature. The truth is very interesting and informative this excellent publication.

cannabis oil can cure hunger? just kidding

but unfortunately in my country the basic ingredients of this drug are still illegal. but the usefulness is very good for health

All Medicine is in Nature.

Facts. One of the hardest you could have written ;) Respect!

Make sure to show me some publications, if you wish :)

The grass of the gods the touch of an angel the most sublime note.


thanks sir for this health info

No problem ;)

Interesting piece!

I do have some trouble with your sources, since they all sell CBD and related products. Do you have any scientific support? Would love to read some clinical test results.

You have some Sources here. Btw you can google it yourself, pretty easy to find!

right but its really nice to filter out the ads and bs...

we can make it ourselves... but certified cbd is best.
simply tested per batch for quality and foregn stuff like molds. etc.
and your given a print outs

There was a lot scientific research done the past years, from many sources - the best you try to research the sources you trust the most as it is with almost any topic these years.

This one is a good read. Been hearing a lot of benefits from cannabis being a healer of numerous ailments. And I wonder why is it still illegal in most countries including mine. A friend of mine who's still smoking it once told me that cigarettes killed a lot of people and yet it is legal, so as softdrinks with a lot sugar, but there are no records of a single person died because of too much consumption of cannabis, and yet it is illegal to use. Which also make me think.

And this information you shared make me more confused why is it illegal which it is the only cure for most ailments that hasn't been cured up to this date.

Thanks for your post by the way.

It is actually logical if you think it through :)

Since Cannabis Oil can solely cure over 200+ Diseases & that is just one use of it ;)

On the other hand, you can build Houses of it, make Clothes - even Bread, Pasta etc

Not to mention it is one of the fastest growing plants :D Imagine how many millions would certain Businesses lose? ;)

Btw smoking Cannabis should preferably be done with Vaporizer, since that way you can preserve CBD. If you are doing it Old-school way, it completely kills CBD & gives you basically NO THC at all

oh! so that's how it works. Never been smoked one though because I am afraid of being jailed. Lol!

I'm on the CBD train and it in conjunction with my biotherapy it's finally looking like i maybe kicking this immune disorder soon.

It should certainly be legal in every state and let's hope that China doesn't continue punishing people with the death penalty for Marijuana possession!

We as a collective need to empower ourselves through Knowledge & proper Care about ourselves. That is the right way to achieve what you want...

youd think something hunting horned animals to extinction would embrace proven beneficial plants...

hell it might give an edge to get poachers out of that and into legal herb.

Natural soon will no longer be enough (The Last Natural Law)

It will be ;)

natural is the correction... its more powerful

first gen gmo will begin to grow normal seeds... but getting it to 7th generation is a struggle and takes time.

but this shows us nature can repair and defend and wants to.

Well Said! Approaching such a controversial topic is never easy but you still did a really brilliant job. It is not easy to sway non-cannabis advocates, but if good content like this keeps getting produced, THC and CBD may become legalised in many more countries and hopefully the world. Resteemed.

Thanks a lot for the Compliments. :)

Knowledge is everywhere, you just need to search for it...

I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.

The incredible ganja. It is amazing how one plant contains so much and actually taken as a harmful product by so called authorities in many parts of the world.

Its logical, when you realize kind of reality you are in ;)

I am using oil made from it. Is that making me junk?

Agree. Sometimes it thing we are still in stone age

Cbd alone does nothing except help with inflammation. I am amazed (or maybe not considering the misinformation out there) THC is not even mentioned. By the way I am a long time cannabis user and advocate. It has played a DIRECT role in my life for more than 20 years

THC is not even mentioned.

It doesn't matter, the Article many times highlighted which Oil is the Wondrous one :)

Shoutout @enjoyinglife. I really enjoyed this reading. I'm glad to learn that this substance is not my problem, but my solution..

Glad I could help. :D

Enjoy your day

Great benefits of Cannabis Oil..
and If we see every oil does cure for something...

here in our country Olive Oil is used for bones..

the people who have pain in bones use Olive Oil and It is very effective..
you are doing great job by sharing knowledge

Essential Oils are foods with highest Vibration.

Meaning, they give you the most while taking least from your very self :)

Yes Of Course You explained It Very Clearly!!

I think everything has a positive side but people mainly talk more about its negative side if it is taken in very very small quantities as a medicine than I think it is more acceptable. Example if alcohol is taken in very limited quantity then its has a significant effect on our health but if taken in very huge quantity then damages our lever

You do have a Point. :D

Even though I feel how most Alcohol is bad, maybe only glass of organic black Wine or a shot of organic Brandy ;)

The benefits and harms of cannabis oil cannot be overstated. This is a unique product that is 100% absorbed by the body and contains more than 400 organic compounds, which allows you to use it for the treatment and prevention of a huge number of diseases. But despite all the benefits of cannabis oil, one should not forget about the potential harm of the product. As far as I know cannot be exposed to heat, otherwise oil will lose its healing properties.

Yup, very well said :)

As far as I know cannot be exposed to heat, otherwise oil will lose its healing properties.

Specify, which Temperature are we speaking about? :)

It is incredible the medicinal power of certain plants, and even more of this, so vetoed in the largest of societies, OJO, I am not excatamente in favor of the use of marijuana, it is about its healing power, total, for something good the put GOD in the world.

Its not incredible. It is complete logic. That or you wear a pink glasses, I don't know :)

it is about its healing power, total, for something good the put GOD in the world.

Indeed it is, well said :)

hahaha, that is correct and before certain truths so frank absurd or silly try to avoid them, greetings, good work, I follow you to not miss the next publication.

Although some want THC to be the answer to every medical problem, unfortunately it is not. That being said, there are some benefits that have been proven in studies including treatment of PTSD, spasticity in cerebral palsy, and in some forms of epilepsy.

No spam pls ;)

Spam? Where? Do you just not want comments?

You didn't read the Post.

I actually did and really liked it, even upvoted it. Not really sure why you think I would comment on a blog post I didn't read, seems like a waste of time. Do people comment on blogs they don't read? I guess if you don't like comments I'll stop following you and remove my upvote. Sorry to have wasted your time with a comment you apparently didn't like. Just trying to add to the discussion on benefits of THC and CBD oil.

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Nothing beats acid so far.


In Golandia this plant is recognized, but in other countries still kanabis is considered a narcotic substance that affects badly the mind. I think if a person is sick, then why not try to heal yourself by eating a remedy.

Are you from golandia. I'd never heard of this place until today. I had to look it up. Sweden right?

Holland is a country where drugs are allowed каннабис that's all what I know. I come from Ukraine

I Ukraine

in golondia this plant is recognized, but in other countries still kanabis is considered a narcotic substance that affects badly the mind.

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Thanks and good article, I'm lucky enough to live somewhere where medical cannabis is legal and can attest personally to the benefits of CBD extracts.

Wow, this is the first time i am hearing about this. I have been trying to extract oils from seeds and plants like african star apple, mango, orange etc and get their economic importance and most have been seen as alternative for petroleum oils or diesels.
Thanks for the boost and insight to a new species of plants to try.

Finally, we have a place where you can write about cannabis and about their use. I did not carry out research on the medicinal properties of cannabis, but I can say with full responsibility that smoking hemp with THC on a daily basis for 3 years causes a drastic reduction in testosterone in men, which drastically reduces their aggression, willingness to exercise and worst of all, the desire for sex and the quality of the semen, and what is related to the fertility of the man. If everything is too harmful, unless someone has a problem with excessive testosterone, i.e. with aggression or sexual hyperactivity, for such people such treatment will be a cure. Occasionally used, for example, during the weekend to relax after a hard week of work is most desirable and not dangerous. However, be careful of police checks in countries where no acceptable standards are set. In Poland, there is the case of a prison sentence + a fine of EUR 3000 EUR + a lifetime ban on driving only for the fact that the driver was driving with a dose of 3ng THC in the blood.

love all the diagrams and pics you used!! added a lot to the post. and i couldnt agree more, CBD oil has done wonders for my inflammation and anxiety :)

Drugs have benefits when taken with moderation or in small doses, but the real reason why these drugs are seen so negatively is due to the media. The government only allows drugs that they can sell. Every single drug in the market has side effects, same as the "illegal drugs", the difference is that they control how much you're supposed to take.

your amazing post is very good and useful for me and for all my steemian friends. i am very awesome postingan.terima for your suggestion that very extraordinary good this.

If there is taboo in countries like US or some of Europe guess the taboo that you can find in countries from latinoamerica

Muy completa tu información sobre un tema de tanta controversia en la sociedad, gracias por compartirla @enjoyinglife

Nature has it all. Thank you for taking your time to create this publication.

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Thank you for this post. Now that marijuana is legal where I live, the more pesticides that are being used. I am working on healing my body with organic, natural foods from the earth. I have to be more careful with the cannabis I purchase..

Don't worry :D

Good luck with the Healing!

Just strive to be a better you every single day :)

Produseer die beste CBD Aceh vir die tyd wat cannabis Gayo lues Regency van Aceh en die eiland



I can confirm the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil. It helped with an annoying inflammation I had at my bottom(!)

It's available on Amazon(US). A small bottle costs $30. Usage is 2 drops twice a day!

Very nice and informative post.

I agree with everything you said and I think in the same way.

However, when we combust the weed, we still produce a lot of harmful gases that go inside our system.

Weed vaporizers seem to be a better solution but I have never tried it.

What do you think of getting the cannabinoids through vaporizing.

good post, incredible, very useful.
in the land of aceh grows with the fertility of this marijuana tree.

your amazing post is very good and useful for me and for all my steemian friends. i am very awesome postingan.terima for your suggestion that very extraordinary good this.

your amazing post is very good and useful for me and for all my steemian friends. i am very awesome postingan.terima for your suggestion that very extraordinary good this.

this and clean organic food, has possibly cured more ailments and psycological disorders then anything else in the last hundred years!

Can we do an enterview for our magazine ?

Hello friend, excellent publication, I liked it a lot. Count on me, I invite you to visit my profile and count on you too, Regards

i made some RSO last week for some back pain i was feeling and after using it topically and ingesting some the pain was gone within a week. I'm looking into ways to put RSO with food for a more palatable experience

Cannabis Oil is a great tool and you can also prepeare it by yourself

indeed today marijuana is a good alternative to treatment that is very heavily discussed

well said. I've been writing about cannabis in Korean community. They all simply know that the cannabis are just one of those drugs. Even though I am not the user, I know the benefits of cannabis based on what I have read on books and papers.

Now as an investor, I am a supporter for the cannabis industries as a whole. There are good chances to make profits from them. There is nothing to be trash on cannabis from the roots to the flowers. And the benefits from cannabis should be overweighted to the drawbacks. Those revive at least a community industry like in a city in California.
It is already widely spreaded phenomenon all over the world. The industry is bigger than Coffee! Canada is already ready to go. The US is waiting to get a signal from the Congress. Once it starts, no one can stops the cannabis and its byproducts.

Anyways, I like what you wrote, I resteem it :)

From #venezuela supporting your work friend, greetings and as always I wish you continue to be successful in #steemit ....

True arguments vs bullshit propaganda

Anybody else want to invest in cryptocurrencies based on cannabis?

cannabis is the best thing on earth <3 like if you agree

That is what i will never use even if it performs miracle to the human health.
Nice content though.

Since you are brainwashed ;) hh

Congratulations @enjoyinglife!
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I read many storys about this but i think had to test it for my self

great post really good one!

Wow!!! Up until now i never knew about the good side of this plant -only the bad side, but thanks, this is very informative.

Interesting explanation. Gives me a new knowledge. Thanks, @enjoyinglife.

The fact that we think Marijuana is so bad and unacceptable while Oxycontin and other toxic drugs are completely acceptable for pain, etc. shows how good of a job the government did brainwashing us!

Who's we? If you're listening to the control freaks (government) who deemed cannabis illegal, don't! If you're listening to the people who have believed the propaganda campaign against cannabis for decades, don't!

Thank you for this informative article. I have been using cannabis to control health problems, especially pain for sometime.
however, as i am in the UK and it is still illegal technically, i have to buy my supplies from "drug dealers. I suppose, due to the method that i have to obtain my weed it could be said that it opens me up to lots of other drugs. Not Ideal
just recently friends have helped me to set up my computer so i can buy my supplies on the web.

I was amazed at the different forms of cannabis that are available to buy!!

However, due to the nature of the place that i buy my weed there is no objective advice on the qualities and the properties of some of the novel ways of taking cannabis They only really explain the properties that get you high.

This article is great for me and I'm sure many others like me who's nations are yet to take the brave step and legalize cannabis for health use!
In the UK you can still be arrested for Selling, possessing or cultivating cannabis. However, in practice you will often receive a Fine or on-the-spot caution. This also applies to growing cannabis. You can get caught with about 9 plants and they will regard that as personal use.
This is no "hard and fast" rule to this and it relies on the individual policemans whim!!

They will still steel your pot and equipment though!!

As i search the "Dream Market"for cannabis and see the many different forms i can buy, from THC lollipops and sweets, THC vaporizers all the way through to patches and super strength oils i can now do it with less confusion..
I may write a post about my experiences of online cannabis shopping and post them to steemit..

thanks for the help and a very interesting article.

I envy those who live in places where you can buy cannabis legally


This is so great, thanks for sharing I'm gonna try it!

I have watch video about cannabis. This guy make a documentary about his cannabis ramp off at his own backyard.

He was treating himself first before he start helping others.

This was in United states. He was living in Ireland for awhile but he is back i US again.

I would say, I believe in nature. I believe in cannabis can help many deseases.

In Singapore, we still go to jail for using, carrying and consuming it.

Would be good to have this legal.

How do you use CBD Oil? Do you rub it on your skin in area's that are sore? I have costal condritis (not sure on spelling) and also 5 herniated discs that I take pain killers and muscle relaxers for. I would love to try something else that could help reduce the inflammation and maybe cure these conditions.

Waaaw this good post
@enjoyinglife Please vote me and follow @pakmantri

Medical & casual use of cannabis is legal in where I live - Las Vegas. To get the medical cannabis, we have to see a doctor to get the approval first. But for the casual usage, you just shop at a cannabis store. It's great that it is legal here because of all the benefit it provides.

your amazing post is very good and useful for me and for all my steemian friends. i am very awesome postingan.terima for your suggestion that very extraordinary good this.

Have you heard of


Now, for the first time ever experience AEGEA QUANTUM CBD, the combination of patented QuBIT technology with CBD. Our QUANTUM QuBIT employs a new age delivery system to aid the body with the medicinal benefits associated with CBD. With our patented process, we replicate CBD and program its unique frequencies into a wearable QuBIT, no creams, no salves, no mess!

Several advantages arise from using a QuBIT as means of a delivery system for CBD. Many feel more comfortable with a non-invasive QuBIT patch, especially those who have never consumed cannabis. Save the stress with the negative stigma associated with smoking cannabis, there is another option. This non-invasive QUANTUM CBD QuBIT provides a benign way to assist with enjoying the health benefits from CBD without the actual ingestion of cannabis, CBD, or THC.

Pain And Inflammation Relief
Anxiety Relief
Nausea Relief
Cardiovascular Health
Neurological Disorders Relief
No Consumption Or Ingestion Of Oils
No Unwanted THC Or Foreign Substances
No Chemical Patches
No Odors

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