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RE: Cannabis Oil has Remarkable Health Benefits

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I am really confused and giving up on steemit ..

I don't seem to understand how someone could get such a high amount of upvotes and also high pay... Please, tell me how you do it? What group do I join? 0what kind of article do I write?? I am on so many channels but still no much upvotes, even if I manage to get like 20 people, their upvote strength would all be low..

I use minnow booster atimes, but it reduced the amount I have earned and increases insignificantly my Steempower...

I am losing hope in steemit being able to help in any way to reduce poverty..

I need everyone that earns big on steemit to tell me how they do it.

This is a plea.. Because these days, steemit looks like a platform for the rich. If that's so, I have no business here.

My username is @vincent848
My email is [email protected]
08109326021 is my whatsapp phone number

Thank you.


Step 1. Get more followers, your follower numbers are rookie numbers for the time you have been on here. You need 5k at least, you can get this amount by following lots of people.
Step 2. Invest some real money into steem, and power it up! i would suggest 50SP to start with
Step 3. Create 5-6 posts per day
Step 4. Upvote each of your own posts to make money
Step 5. Ensure your posts are interesting = collect additional money from other peoples upvotes of your posts.
Step 6. Power up your SP with the money you make, then go back to step 1 and repeat.


Forgot the most important thing...
Step 5.5 Give back (upvote & comment) to the people that upvoted / commented you

Never give up bro, you will get there. I think you are right about it being for the rich but they worked to get there. You will get there someday.
Key word.... PATIENCE....

Its all about the Money bro. Whole Steem ecosystem

Honestly just make posts everyday,Use your daily steem power, upvote and resteem what you like.

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