What could be physical and mental problems due to lack of adequate sleep?

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Waking Hours: a time for Spending Your Life...  

Sleeping Hours,.. time to Regenerate Life, Restore the Body 

So make more than you spend..Or spend more than you´re making- but don´t confuse over-spending + self neglect  with genuine loving or giving.  

Negative Impacts can be cumulative if adequate sleep is not restored. This affects mood, ability to cope with stress, resist illness, recover from common injuries and the bodies resistance to premature aging.  

Chronic sleep deprivation tends to hasten the aging process by disrupting a bodies regenerative processes. This might be a great time for a nap.

  Problems that arise from inadequate sleep may or may not be obvious. They might seem minor but a person deprived of sleep is more prone to error.  

Risking safety of self and others  Safety comes first, and that starts with awareness. There are  times when a minor lapse in functionality becomes a liability. Will a person deprived of self care have a higher regard for your safety?

 Slower reaction time when driving.. Losing sleep = increased risk for the affected and everyone else along the way. Sleep disturbance or avoidance needs to be taken seriously and remedied if for no other reason. 

... Or the least expected and worst case scenario: Sleep Driving

It happened to me!  It has been more than 25 years since I fell asleep entering a freeway at 4am while driving home from a nightclub where I was working at the time. Had I not woke suddenly, at the exact moment a metallic disc careened over the freeway, moving away and beyond the opposite lanes of the highway; my path would have taken me across four lanes, into oncoming traffic (given the worst of luck at 4am).   

I later realized that my flying disc / guardian-angel was my missing chrome wheel cover that had launched upon impact with the curb. It was a lot to process within that split second so don´t give me a hard time. 

Besides failure to age gracefully and sleeping behind the wheel, there are   long term risks that should make adequate sleep a top priority.

WEIGHT GAIN  Apparently, inadequate sleep over time may contribute to above average weight gain. I have read about this many times but I thought I should consult google to confirm and maybe throw down a link to something better than my amateur blurb as a reward for reading this far (thanks). So yes indeed, its a big fat deal. 

Of Course you want to know more about this. Here, but be warned - itś enough to keep you up at night (Seriously- if you´re losing sleep, make time for it, cut the lights, and don´t worry about sleep. Just rest in the ¨you time¨ Sleep comes when it does not ¨have to¨.  Pressure will NOT help with this or any other natural and worthwhile function.):  


People who work graveyard shifts over time are likely to take on excess weight AND an increasingly foul disposition. While it may involve circadian rhythms or other defiance of natures perfect arrangements, I suspect that again, it´s inadequate sleep. 

If in any of these cases, the affected person already suffers from ADHD, depression or other mental disorders, they can (read: ¨will¨) be exacerbated if sleep continues to be cut short or otherwise disrupted. 

Ask me how I know. 

Images:  tired man: Arthur Savaray on Unsplash, nightlight: Niklas Hamann on Unsplash, londonyawn: Kevin Grieve on Unsplash


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