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RE: An old enemy named Ana - Anorexia Nervosa

in #health5 years ago

I am by no means anorexic and cannot wrap my head around the concept of not eating. I'm probably on the other side of the equation and I'm sure I probably have an eating disorder where I eat too much. Oddly, Yoga and Meditation can help in that circumstance as well... concentrate and reset. That is one thing my wife and I are implementing next year.

This is a dangerous disease, though, because it takes to extremes before it's discovered. If you hadn't waned down to such a low weight, do you think anyone would have discovered it and gotten you help?


Thank you JJ and i don't quite know why the yoga helps, but the meditation just to clear the clutter that causes us to be overloaded flows out and it's nice right? I don't think I realized how dangerous it was because there was such a fog over me and when it happens, you go into body dysmorphia and can't see what others see. So what others seen as scary was normal to me. I think any illness that has the power to reshape your mind like that with no effort is beyond scary now. My mom had tried to get me help..many hospital visits, but as many doctors said its up to the patient to do it..much like an addict. It won't stop until you're ready so unfortunately it took feeding tubes and being bones to see that.

Yeah, it's like that with almost everyone that has any obsessive personality. He/She must want to change and want the help.

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