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Well it is exciting for me again to get my needed dialysis because it relieves me of toxins and extra fluids in my body and when the dialysis machine does that, the feeling of wellness it creates to every patient truly is really incomparable. It is like the feeling that you get when you fast for about three days drinking only water.

Well fasting allows your body or the liver especially the kidneys to have more time to clean-up the backlog of extra toxins which will then make the person feel oh so well and I would say "fresh" from the inside.

Now of course you will get hungry and even the smell of food is enough to let yourself enjoy a bow of rice with only fish sauce in it to give some flavor. Actually your sense for food is intensified then after eating you will feel different and would want to be in the state that you fasted.

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But you cannot fast permanently, you just needed to eat because your body's cells needs to get a nourishment. Right now I am just limiting my eating for many reasons and one of those is my appetite-loss which is the side-effect of my Parathyroid medicine.

I took some few tablets today and yesterday but i do not feel that they are working well enough. Now I am also limiting my eating because my torso is full enough with fluids that eating is making a pressure from inside out. So it affects my eating habits and I could not pass through that barrier because of my nurses that is failing to target my dry weight.

Now the patients even though they are new could not walk easily because of extra fluids in the body. They all have large bellies and most of the time they die for the same reason, extra fluid in the body.

I hope that someday I could surpass these lamentable condition but at least I am fairing good because of my steem friends. God bless you all.


An interesting title, and a tough thing to do my friend. Keep chuggin man

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