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There is something here with my left hand as it is going through the path that my feet are going through which is pain as I move it and use it. I do not know why my joints are still deteriorating but I well know the cause of all of these which is my parathyroid.

So it just makes me feel bad that despite my efforts in managing my bone health I am still facing such kind of joint deterioration. But I am doing my part and all that I can do with the help of God and of course my steemian friends to let myself get a fighting chance but it seems that this fight is on the losing side.

Well I could not do anything about it but to just pray that everything will get fine bit I know that is is somewhat like a blind hope but at least I am trying to uplift my health through what my mind and all that intellect and logic just to find a way to improve my health issues.

It is not surprising that I still am getting a bone and joint issues because of my current hyperparathyroidism which is not being totally controlled by my medication so it is just frustrating in my part because the medicine I use to treat it is expensive to procure. Well at least it had stopped my face in getting larger and had reversed it a bit plus most of my body's lingering pain was gone too.

But still I am facing issues that a hyperparathyroid can only cause so I do not know if I am prepared about the outcome since my hearing now is also being affected. It is all too much for me to bear but I am still not losing hope because the fight is still on and I am still alive. I do not know what God is planning but I will just try to make out most of my life, what is left for me to enjoy until it lasts. I needed more prayers.

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I am very sorry to read this post and hope that soon even if your health is not better, your spirits are.

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