Dear Diary: My Doctor Doesn't Care About My Body's Pains

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Whenever I complaint about my pain issues to my doctor via my nurses (she has no time to see us personally) she would just give acetaminophen with some other combination pain killer that doesn't work a bit. I know what acetaminophen does, some patients that I knew died upon taking it.

They take that drug about its recommended dosage per day and the acetaminophen itself is already 600mg which if a patient tries to take it multiple times per day and especially if they are a dialysis patient like me, the side-effects will add up leading to liver disease.

One significant sign is the yellowing of the skin and vomiting of blood. That blood actually comes from a failing liver which has no cure if the cause was the supposed taking of acetaminophen by dialysis patients even in recommended daily ingestion.

Sometimes I am thinking that my doctor just doesn't want to do anything for me and wants to get rid of me. Anyway I think that she is incompetent enough because of the quality of life of her patients as most are weak, thin as a stick, and unable to walk. The only ones that faring fine are the new patients but I hope that they would at least mange their health before it is too late and not rely on the discretion of our doctor.

But I am still having thoughts of getting a transplant because it will definitely make my well-being go off the charts. it would be the best thing that will happen to me, it may be a long shot, close to impossible but there is still a chance for it and I will grab it as soon as I see the opportunity for me to do so, may God help me.

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Lately I've been reading that diet changes a lot of peoples lives. At least there's thing you can do for yourself that the doctor doesn't need to prescribe you.

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So true @pwny but my body now has a different reaction to foods and I can't eaven eat a full meal but I am trying to just select foods that will give me a proper nourishment.


Dang that sounds difficult. I have heard that pills can suppress hunger maybe there is something to counteract it? I tried to go vegan once and I failed miserably.😆

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Saludos amigo recemos para que puedas conseguir el transplante que necesitas y puedas mejorar tu salud @cryptopie

I think, your doctor know your health condition. And he/she is doing right. If you face any trouble, please inform your doctor. Have a good day.

Your doctor is no in your body but you no to say

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