Dear Diary: I Am Quitting Coffee Drinking

in health •  5 months ago


I had been drinking coffee ever since I was young and from that young age I never had any day I think that I never had a cup. I remember drinking as many as four or five cups a day and that resulted in a stomach upset and disturbed sleep.

I am certain that drinking many cups of coffee is bad because it gives a person a hyperacidity issue in the stomach which is painful and may lead to ulcers. It also make the sleep of a person light so they may never sleep like a baby if they would be drinking many cups of coffee for that matter.

As for me I was just drinking coffee because I was afraid of having the withdrawal symptoms like restlessness and pounding headache and also before it was my cure for headache in the years that I was anemic.

But now it seems that my addiction to coffee was cured so I will not drink it anymore but I do need caffeine in my dialysis days so I will not be that totally caffeine free but at least this kind of lifestyle change could do me better. I am just drinking pineapple juice now.

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I find that hot tea doesn't make me as jittery as coffee does. I never drank tea before I met Amanda. She got me into drinking English tea with milk.

I can drink English tea until around 5pm and I feel fine. If I drink coffee like that, I will be bouncing off of the walls!

I drink far too much coffee...of course. But I think you will find benefit in cutting your consumption, coffee from some regions of the world does have a greater acidity then others - I tend to favour these which helps me to avoid the acidity in the stomach effect.

Decaffeinated coffee is increasingly popular, if you can find some you can still enjoy the coffee taste without the caffeine effect.

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