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What I wanna know is how this post makes $368 dollars in 4 hours, while my Vegetarian BBQ Mac and Cheese Burger picture I posted 2 days ago makes .02 cents???

I get I really didnt say much in the post but .02 cents compared to $368 dollars?!?!

Something needs to change!20180710_204934.jpg

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haha...ur funny...

You have to consider a lot of the money you see on the post is from the bots ( paid vote) , so , essentially this person paid for the promotion.

That does not mean when the payout happens they will make even 1 cent !!

So in essence they are paying to get views hoping to get more followers?

Yes and maybe ( when content is actually good) you may make real money as well...

Look at their wallet, how much they paid for promo to the top votes , deduct the 25% curation reward , see what they get in the end ( after 7 days).

I totally agree with you @crytoj215. I have a lot of great postings but I get no review or upvote also. I don't understand about this too.

Please have a look at my profile and postings. Cheers from @honey-pot