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in #health3 years ago

Hey 14 year old self... PUT THAT FREAKING PEANUTBUTTER AND SYRUP SANDWICH DOWN, IMMEDIATELY!!! That’s what I would tell the younger me. It’s never to late to learnhow to eat to live instead of living to eat. Food became my medicine as I grew up. I’m a great cook, but it’s because I just loved how great tasting food made me feel. It’s taken me two year to go from 405 lbs to 285 lbs and these last 60 are a challenge. I’m having to do extraordinary things to lose it now. Being overweight has physical consequences but also spiritual, financial, social and emotional. A LOT OF ENERGY has been wasted being overweight. Live and learn though. I also woulda told him to distrust the SAD (standard American diet), because it’s mostly false and contrived by various food couciks (dairy council, farmers associations, meat lobbyists, cheese lobbyists, drug companies, etc).