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RE: It's My Body - Keep Your Hands Off My Organs!

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Its a well thought, but what if there is a genuine people who need your organs. I heard somewhere that if like 1% donate their eyes after the death, no blind people will be there in this earth, I do not know how true is that.


Unfortunately, as hard as this sounds, I am not obliged to give my organs away. I would make an exception for my friends and family members, and I hope that the people who need organs have friends and family members who would do the same for them. If it can't be done, then that is sad but it is also how life is. There are other things to take into account, too. In China they are executing political prisoners to get organs for people who are willing to pay. There is a limit to how far things should go, including charity - and what others can reasonably expect us to give away.