At The Very Least Just Skip Breakfast!

in health •  6 months ago

I've read 12 books now on fasting as a therapy to give the body rest from the rigors of food processing to let it heal itself.
You don't have to do or pay anything for the benefits! We are re-learning what has been known for thousands of years. Ignore at your peril.


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Yes Sir
I do a lot of intermittent fasting along with water fasting

Life changing.

Good message

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I lost 45 pounds last year and have kept it off with fasting protocols. I also got rid of my benign prostatic hypertrophy and plaque psoriasis during a 5-day water-only fast. The best thing about fasting is that you get great results by doing nothing! No exercise unless you want to, no calorie counting or special meals and its free.


Well said Chuck well said
I went from 279 to 197 in 13 months
I feel stronger and healthier at 53 than I did at 33

Good Job Chuck

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WOW! You did REALLY well. I have 50 pounds to go down yet to achieve the top of my BMI range. I hpo to do it using 7 day water only fasts. If I go farther than that my wife freaks out : (


7 days
Now to me that is the big Wow
I have made it 4..5 days
My 27 year old son made it 6 days

I believe I could do the 7
I just seen to give way after the 3rd or 4th day

I think people (especially) wife's
Freak out over fasting.
They are so use to the lie that we need to eat several times a day

I think about the time when people relied on the Hunter/gatherer
I wonder how many days people went with out food then

I believe it's a natural to miss days without food
More so that to eat 3 meals a day everyday

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