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"PLAGUE" Book Review Part II ...

Dr. Judy Mikovitz's honesty and caring for people sometimes made things difficult for her career working in scientific research. She would "consort" with patients of the diseases that she was studying? She actually listened to them!

She was soon laid off from her first job for refusing to put her pregnant co-workers babies in harms way. The famous Dr. Robert Gallo gave them the task of purifying HTLV-1 retrovirus from infected cells grown in fermentors. Mikovitz and her boss asked supervisors for more safeguards but were told to grow the retrovirus or be fired. So the two of them worked around the clock and got it done without asking the pregnant women to share in the work.

She was a 24-yr-old lab technician who had "dared to challenge a lionized scientist" such as Gallo.

Her next employer was told not to hire Mikovits because she was a "troublemaker." When asked how she was a troublemaker, he was told that "She asks too many questions." Frank Ruscetti hired her anyways, and said, "But she's a scientist! It's her job to ask questions!"

Ken Richards, who worked with Mikovitz at EpiGenX said about her ...

"I tell everybody, Judy is very controversial. Many people do not like her and many people admire her. I am in the later category. She speaks her mind. When she develops a view, she is dedicated to that view and will defend it fiercely. She's combative in a positive sense, and that tends to irritate some people."

Judy Mikovitz had done her doctoral theses on AIDS and worked at the National Cancer Institute for years.

in 2006 she met Harvey and Annette Whittemore of Nevada and started working for them.

With Dr. Mikovitz's assistance, they founded WPI (Whittemore Peterson Institute.)

The Whittemore's were a wealthy, powerful family whose daughter, Andrea, had became sickened with CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) at the age of 12.

This disease for too long had not been taken seriously, and the ill were usually told that it was all in their heads.

Andrea had a bad reaction as a girl to her DPT booster, and became sick with a mono-like illness after a tonsillectomy. Under the care of a good doctor, she made modest improvement until she decided to enroll at the University of Nevada, Reno. The admission policy required the MMR vaccination prior to starting classes. Within five days, Andrea had a severe relapse and never regained her previous level of health.

Dr. Mikovitz and other scientists found several similarities between CFS/ME patients to AIDS patients. In her book, "PLAGUE" she talks about blood samples, brain scans, etc. of patients with both diseases, and how you can't really tell a difference. CFS/ME also starts out similarly to AIDS, with mono and flu-like symptoms. The main difference is that untreated AIDS kills quickly, and CFS/ME patients live for years and years with a chronic condition.

.... CLICK for above quote & how CFS can be worse than AIDS

If XMRV retrovirus was indeed found in CFS/ME patients it would explain accounts of the illness following vaccinations. These people might have been harboring an undetected retrovirus in their immune cells that could be activated through vaccination. The immune challenge of a vaccination could have offset the body’s delicate suppression of the retrovirus, bringing it out of hiding.

It is well-known amongst AIDS specialists that children and adults with HIV/AIDS should not receive any vaccinations without first undergoing retrovirals ... because it has been observed that otherwise vaccinations can result in a full-blown case of AIDS. What if the same thing happens with other retroviruses?

Later, Mikovitz would also discover that a higher than normal number of mothers of autistic children suffered with CFS/ME themselves. Did they pass this retrovirus onto their babies, who then became autistic after receiving vaccinations, just like an HIV baby will regress into full-blown AIDS after vaccination?

... but I'm getting ahead of myself in this story...

Robert Silverman of the Cleveland Clinic was credited with discovering XMRV retrovirus in Prostrate Cancer cells.

In January of 2009, four scientists -- Mikovitz, Ruscetti, Lombardi and Silverman -- signed an agreement stating that the Cleveland Clinic had "novel assays to detect xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) infections in humans" and that both the National Cancer Institute and the Whittemore Peterson Institute had "certain confidential information relating to detection of XMRV in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome."

Now Mikovitz, and her colleagues were on the hunt for a retrovirus!

This takes us up to Chapter 5 of the book "PLAGUE" by Dr. Judy Mikovitz. I will continue working my way through the book, PLAGUE and summarizing what I discover as I go.

Be Sure to Read PART I of this series here:

PLAGUE: Courageous Dr. Mikovitz Faced Prison & Career Suicide Rather Than Allow Her Findings to be Discarded

I hope that you continue with me on this journey "

... it goes deep down the "rabbit hole."

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Great article, thank you so very much for this dedication to quality and information as well. such subject are so taboo nowadays, it is a delight to be able to read it and share such results with the ones concerned. Namaste :)

thank-you so much for your comment Eric! Yes, I like to make people think and I hope that when we all put our brains together that we can help prevent or heal some of the chronic sickness in this world.

All for one and one for all! thank you for your warm, kind and hopeful words. May you keep shining of your good courage in the faec of madness, keep your smile and namaste :)

Wonderful article . Thank you very much and best regards fro Macedonia;)

Thank-you and welcome to Steemit!

Fascinating article. My husband caught CFS/ME after a very bad case of swine flu. The problem is that in the UK there is no money being put into research for this devastating illness that affects over 260,000 people in the UK and 17 million worldwide. It should not be left to private charities to carry out the research that governments should be doing.

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