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In 2009, Dr. Judy Mikovitz discovered that a RetroVirus, similar to HIV/AIDS, was present in a majority of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome blood samples she was testing.


(xenotropic murine retrovirus)

XMRV retrovirus was found to be present in 6% of Americans

XMRV retrovirus appeared in a very high % of people with diseases such as:

Treatment-Resistant LYME DISEASE

This is the first of a series that I will be writing about Dr. Judy Mikovitz's book:


One Scientists Intrepid Search for the Truth About Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases

I will be going chapter by chapter through the book, and summarizing what I discover as I go. It is a huge book of 382 pages, so it might take a while. So far I've read the Forward and the Prologue.

... and yes, there is a connection to vaccination and the virus ... but I'm going to start at the beginning ...

I hope that you continue with me on this journey "

... it goes deep down the "rabbit hole."

PLEASE WATCH This 3-Minute Trailer for the book "PLAGUE"

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Kent Heckenlively, co-author of PLAGUE, and author Dr. Judy Mikovitz, discuss their book in the video above.


PLAGUE is a story about corruption in science, and the inability of science to self-correct when powerful interests are involved.

Mistakes made decades ago, by well-intentioned scientists, may be having catastrophic effects on our health.

Dr. Judy Mikovitz is one of the BRAVEST people I've ever met, and I knew that if I didn't help her tell her story, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

... many courageous scientists and physicians fighting every single day for the truth, fighting to protect their work from special interest groups, fighting to protect their families and everyone's families.

If scientists aren't free to pursue a hypotheses, to follow the data wherever it leads, free of censorship, free of political interests, then the entire medical research breaks down.

Not wanting to know the truth is a betrayal of science ... or knowing the truth and censoring it!

Science is about the courageous search for truth.

That search for truth is the greatest journey of all ... SO WE HOPE THAT YOU'LL JOIN US ON THE ADVENTURE THAT IS "PLAGUE."


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How much of medical science is corrupted? If I was looking after a database and it was 2% or more corrupted, I'd throw it all away and start again. The staggering hubris involved in destroying people's trust in medical science and it's practitioners is possibly one of the greatest betrayals of the modern age.

So much unnecessary suffering. Cool post @canadian-coconut! I look forward for the follow up!

It's all tobacco science. Big corps pay money to show scientific results to help sell their products to an unaware public.

I heard Robert Jr. Kennedy say about one of the studies he was looking into (which supposedly proved that vaccines help prevent autism) that the science wasn't even as good as "Tobacco Science". He said that the Tobacco company scientists would have never put out such ridiculously shoddy work as that modern study did.
So my point was, that at least sometimes, today's studies aren't even up to "Tobacco Science" sub-standards.

I agree. It's hard to know how much is corrupted, but I'm sure it's way, way more than 2%.

Interesting. I will need to look into this further. There have been similar scandals before with Hepatitis C and also CJD in HGH.