Body Less Tolerant of Certain Foods as I Get Older

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Recently something has been happening to my body which never happened until now and it mostly has to deal with how my body processes food. Ive never been someone who has had any bad reaction to food and ive never been allergic to anything in my life, but at 25 im finding certain foods no longer sit well with me like they used to. While I used to be able to eat or drink whatever I wanted, now I feel consequences almost immediately after the fact.

I plan on getting checked later this month but I strongly believe that I have become lactose intolerant as I stopped eating it for a long time. Dairy and other things with lactose made me break out with acne in college so starting maybe four years ago I stopped consuming them all together. I was never a huge milk or dairy fan to begin with, but I was always able to consume them and not have any side effects. Now if I drink milk or eat any sort of dairy im running to the bathroom in minutes and having terrible pains in my stomach.

Another type of food product that has really been giving me issues is certain artificial sweeteners. The type of sugar they used could have been changed which is why im feeling the side effects, but I have always drank diet coke and coke zero and been fine. Now like lactose too much and im in the bathroom again. Ive really had to be careful about what food I put in my body, especially if im out to eat or at someone elses house where I dont want to get sick. I have found myself moving towards a pretty bland diet in the mean time, which probably is the best for me right now.

I read that as you get older you can definitely start to develop intolerance to certain foods but from most of the people I hear about, they say the opposite. Most people say that they might have been allergic to something as a child and now they arent anymore. Im not allergic still but my body is definitely rejecting the food I am eating to some degree. This is definitely a trend I hope doesnt continue and I hope isnt something more than just an occurrence for a few foods. Im a huge food person so to already cut off many of the foods I love is rough.

I mostly wrote this to see if anyone else has experienced similar things as they have gotten older. Like I said I have read some stories online and that definitely seems to be the case, but it would be better to hear a first person experience. As for my friends and other family members they havent experienced anything similar so they arent of much help. For the moment ill have to stop eating the foods that are making my stomach upset and ill have to maybe go back to them in a year or so and see if I can tolerate them at that point.


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Not myself, but my wife (64) has developed sensitivities over time. I think many problems are caused by unnecessarily removing the appendix or gall bladder. Just because we didn't know what they did for our bodies was no excuse for removing them 🙄 Now we know they both have important functions for correct maintenance of the microbiome, which was not well understood a few decades ago.


I havent had anything removed, but I should definitely improve my diet to include more probiotics, I heard many people say that helps the digestive track.


Yes, balance of "good bacteria" in your GI tract is vital for overall health and digestion. For example (among many...Google it),

I don't have first-person experience because my digestion doesn't work very well no matter what I put in it, but I have many friends who have had to restrict their diet as they got older. I have one huge foodie friend, in his sixties now, who over time lost the ability to eat wheat, onions, dairy, yeast, and anything fermented. It's entertaining trying to cook for him. (He's been getting wheat back lately.) I have another friend who developed allergies to non-fish meats and cow's milk.

There are others who have more limited and life-friendly issues as well, I just picked two of the more dramatic ones. I know enough people like this, or with lifelong food allergies, that I'm something of an encyclopedia of how to cook for unusual requirements.


I have a friend who cant eat gluten and hasnt been able to for years now. Not because of the anti gluten hype, but they have Celiacs disease.

Developing an intolerance to diary as you get older is pretty normal, from what I've read and seen. I've got a buddy who it has happened to in recent years. If you pick up medicine like Lactaid and take it before consuming diary then it should help reduce symptoms pretty decently.

Also, what happened to streaming again, mannn?


Hey deadspace! Yeah my buddy takes lactaid pills before he eats anything with lactose, I should ask him and look into it. Ill be streaming today most likely. I have been a bit busy with a few other things.

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I do knot know any body with that issue, but maybe its depending on the body it self. As you know people have different bodies. It can be true still

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I am 28. I can't also bear some food like certain fruits and even vegetables because they give me the allergic reaction. Before doing anything you suspect you might get into trouble, see a doctor.