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When stress is severe, I often skip meals.

I heard that stress can lead to binge eating but I can't eat. As a result, it's easy to get weak quickly mentally and physically when I get stressed. A few years ago, my condition was not very good because I had been suffered from high levels of stress for many years because of a very hard issue. Eventually, the serious issue was solved, but I had unhealthy eating habits and I hardly slept. Since then I have been taking care of my health more. I'm trying to have good foods more often. In addition, I'm taking supplements such as Vitamin C, Omega3, Acai Berry, Spirulina, Propolis and Vitamin E. 

Supplements are needed because it's difficult to intake the daily nutrients I need from food. I added three things to my supplements. First, I started drinking aloe extracts and the name is Aloe Veragel Gold. I drink it twice a day for skin health and intestinal health.

The new product that I started eating 15 days ago is Ebios. I have had a prescription for frequent gastritis, but I refused to be treated with medication. I have been trying to control gastritis with food and stretching for mental and physical stability. I knew about Ebios a while ago and began to take it. Ebios is to eat three times a day. It is made from beer yeast and is said to be good for gastrointestinal disorders. It is a product that I want to recommend personally because it works quite well . 

The last one I'm taking new is herbal medicine. My mother sent it to me last week. It is prescribed to effect well to the woman's body. It's a kind of restorative medicine. My mother sends me it every year. It's also good to prevent irregular menstruation. Since there are many problems with imported herbal medicines, my mother only goes to the same oriental herbal shop where she used to go for many years. My mother has a long history of trust in its medicinal herbs.

Herbal medicine is aimed to complement the body. It's helping to improve the physical constitution to prevent and heal various diseases. I would recommend that you experience the medicine once because it's near natural healing method than western drugs. Try to find out whether you have an experienced Korean herbal medicine doctor or a good oriental herbal shop. It would not be too bad to chase word of mouth. 

I'm not overly concerned about health, but I know from my experience that it's very important to think about the health. In that sense, I hope this story helps your health a bit.

What nutritional supplements do you have?


Thank you for posting @bontonstory.

So glad to hear you found some products to assist with your physical condition.

Appreciate the review of Ebios....will be looking for it now.

Wishing you all the best. A bientot. ^_^

When I'm stressed I drink beer :) Hugs and kisses for you dear @bontonstory :)

Umm...Man! Lol
Don't drink too much. :) @jsantana

We're opposites. I tend to eat more when I'm really stressed. :)

I think that's also bad. It's not easy to keep peace in mind, is it? :) Nice to see you. @howtostartablog

saw your comment @howtostartablog why eat more when you are stressed.... try eliminate those issues causing you stress as eating more may cause more harm than good...

I have the same problems, when I'm really stressed I can't eat. When it happens I use to drink many smootie or milkshake with fruits and also some herbal tea to quite my mind.

I also eat similar foods but that's not enough when it takes long. That's a problem. :( Let's always try to have enough nutrition. :) @silviabeneforti

You're right, @bontonstory ! That's a problem. I had this problems from my childhood, when I was at school and my mom usually gave me some vitamins (I remember many tiny bottles with a pink liquid inside)

Yes, when I was young, there was always my mom. It's a bit sad that I grew up. :) I have to solve everything by myself. Thank you for sharing with me. :) have no post for 4 months!!
I hope u are alright. Hugs!!!

I've been experiencing a lot of stress and also having difficulty eating. I'm very interested in the aloe veragel gold so I'm going to see if I can try it. Lots of great suggestions. :)

It's hard to defeat the enemy. :) Take good care of yourself. @vermillionfox

I am no doctor, but look at the research about Vitamin D and mental health.

I'm not taking vitaminD...Maybe, it's little included in woman's multivitamin I have. I'll check it out. :) Thank you. @old-guy-photos

Very interesting post @bontonstory. You really are trying very hard to get well. You are so right in that stress is a killer and can impact your health both mentally and physically. There is a lot to old herbal medicine. Even in my research on autism and anxiety disorders, I've read about alternative interventions. My favorite right now is neuroplasticity which believes in the brains ability to regenerate the neurons. That will have a fantastic impact on health without drugs or invasive treatments. I hope you are doing better. Please take care! :D

I believe that depending drugs too much can make anything worse. I heard that many people taking tranquilizers and sleeping pills are suffering side effects. Maybe, they just started taking one or two pills once or twice. We have to take care of ourselves. I think that we should develop mental and physical strength to overcome stress and suffering without drugs. Thank you. :) @cabbagepatch

You are so right! I hope all is getting better with the weather for you. Too much of anything is not great. :D

Hi girl..uve been off too long in the platform. Hope all will be well soon if not now.
Just saying HI!

Long time no see @immarojas I'm sorry to make you worry me and also thank you for this comment. I'm healthy. :) I'm just not ready to come back. I think I'll have many different things in this year and I must. Hope you stay in steemit when I come here back. Happy New Year!!

Take ur time, am glad ure ok. Will be here.

nice post... natural home remedies are very good for the body ...also lifestyle changes helps in stress management ... you have to look inward and check those stuffs you do that is causing you stress.. some people stay alone too long... going out....being with friends... excercise like swimming... camping... playing with pets helps.. a good sauna.. yoga... massage and great sex helps also
those items you listed are good and remember stress issues is hormonal as such ensure those stress hormones are balanced...
thanks for sharing

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Hey @bontonstory

Not seen you around for a while. I hope everything is ok <3

Hello I appreciate that you left this message for me. I have no problem with my health. I hope that I come back soon. Don't leave anywhere until I come back. Happy New Year.

you are sweet :*
post is beautiful too :)

I am really very glad that you have discovered that you have stress and start taking medicines for it otherwise people do not accept this fact and behaves like lunatics. Aloe Veragel Gold seems interesting and I will start using it very soon.

@bontonstory I really hope you are doing okay. I was a little concerned and hope nothing serious has happened. Please take care and know you are being thought of. My deepest best wishes go out to you!!!

I'm sorry to make you worry me @cabbagepatch Hope you and your daughter are still enjoy steemit. I'll be back. I just need some more days to share my stories. I'm healthy. No worries. I'm just passing through something. Stay in steemit and talk soon. Happy new year!!

Greetings @bontonstory.

So happy to hear you are well.

You are missed. ^__^

Wishing you a 'Happy Easter' .

A bientot.

Ah, I have Aloe Vera plants on my balcony. I rub it on my skin for ailments.

Greetings friends. Hopefully we can work together in steemit. Please help her
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I like the involvement, enjoyable post.

I hope all is well @bontonstory, I know there's way too much heavy drama going on practically right on your doorstep. Wishing you all the best and hope to see you back on @steeemit soon!!!

Hi, @cognoscere What do I say? I'm just not ready to come back. I think I'll have many different life stories in 2018. I think I have to. Thank you for the comment. Stay in steemit. Hope to see you again when I come back. See you soon. Happy new year and have many good things this year!!

I hope to see you back, too, @bontonstory! I hope your 2018 is going well. I hope you are enjoying nature, too. Say hello to your mother and aunt, with all their wild food, too. : )

Hey chick. I noticed you havent been around in a while. I hope you come back :O)

Is everything ok? Where have you been?

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