What Epileptic Disorder Has To Do With Zeus and God's Creation

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I already introduced you in previous articles to the coach of YAHWEH and Lucifer. This coach helped with God's creation and is responsible for lots of things on this planet like belladonna (death cherries), Echnaton, Aton and his eden like garden, birds, and much more. He is a great painter and his paintings help to create places like heaven, earth and the universe. However this coach became ambitious and wanted to show people on earth how God's creation works, how the holographic universe works and that people do not have to be afraid of death. Whenever you are close to death you might see pictures like 2 dimensional pictures in your brain. Some psychic doctors call these 2 - dimensional pictures strong mental disorders - especially epileptic disorders. However the ambition of the coach caused fear in humans and they called it epileptic diseases. Zeus helped the coach to fullfill his wish and causes the mental overload (storm) in the head. The coach feels so sorry that his ambition is totally misunderstood by humans because of fear that he decided to finally come to earth as a human and tell you the truth. This truth is now written in the blockchain with steemit and it will be written in stone too. The promise was to help people understand this disease as an ambition of the coach of God YahWeh and Lucifer to understand God's creation.

Now let me tell you the details. In an epileptic fit you might see pictures like 2 - D that you cannot touch. I personally live with a woman who has epileptic disorder and was cured with a brain surgery because I feel responsible to tell her the truth about this "disease". You might see the same picture that you see in a close to death experience which is a white filled circle in the black. This white circle shows you the holographic lens when no picture is put between the holographic projector and your brain. You can decide to follow the light, walk up to the light into the projector and leave earth which results in your death here on earth because you leave your body behind. However it is possible that you decide to try the same in an epileptic fit and this could result in death - I don't know. The picture looks like follows.

Nahtot Holographische Linse.png

I hope this helps to fulfill my mission here on earth to tell you the truth and helps you to understand God. I will do my best to calm down Zeus to stop causing these lightnings inside the heads. Maybe the ambition to show God's creation with pictures in the heads of the humans was simply too much for the humans to accept. Also I do understand that this is possibly causing lots of troubles when you drive in a car. God is not perfect and the coach is not perfect too - we truely feel spiritually sorry in the spiritual world for this disease! In addition I will dedicate the rest of my life to help the woman who had a brain surgery because of this "disease" and show my love to this wonderful colorful bird. This is the least I can do to help with the situation.



I've never seen anything as close to the work of Satan as this.

That is why I honestly repent for the "disease", try to explain it to you and take my responsibility as a human here on earth to help that woman.

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