How much Damaging Broken teeth

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Two years ago, two teeth on the back of the jaw over the fifty jaws of the jaw were broken after eating muti. But he did not care. Even though the problem was two years away. Gradually the pain started. And after suffering pain, he spent more years by taking pain medicines from the doctor. Suddenly the pain started that no pain medicines are useful. He could not sleep at night due to severe pain. Could not do the office properly on day. The mouth was swollen on one side. In the meantime, one of his office assisted him with a dental surgeon for auxiliary treatment, and after that Rahman's condition was so much worse that the last tooth had to be dropped. As a result, he can not eat properly from that side. Always getting hurt due to his big mistake.

It is a matter of fact, if the educated person makes a mistake in this way knowingly, then what will the people of the country do?
Broken teeth may remain painless for a long time. For example,

  • If there is a carrier or a hole in the teeth for a long time, it may be the first time you feel like headache, taking a cold and cold diet. Once upon a time the internal dentistry of the dentist lost its normal feeling. In this situation, even a few parts of the dentist do not feel any pain.
    Due to the loss of a tooth, most of the teeth can be broken once the dentist is not treated or crowned after treatment of the root canal, and the possibility of breaking the tooth is more. There is also no feeling of pain in the long run.
    After a toothache, the broken part of the teeth is present in the bone and there is no pain in it. But at the next time the patient will be in pain and the infection will spread.
    Broken teeth can cause problems:
  • Infections of the tooth in the broken tooth, gradually increasing the infection. As a result, there may be side-to-side problems.
  • Increasing infections can lead to acneo-malaiitis-related complex diseases in the mouth bone.
  • In the breaking of the broken teeth or in the empty space, the food becomes bad smell.
  • The fracture of broken teeth can cause a slight part of the tongue or cheeks in the soft part of the neck. This blow is better after some days, again the wound revolts after the injury. In this way, after a few days, if this condition is repeated, it can become cancerous.

    It is not that the teeth have to be broken. Dental treatment is now very advanced and modern. To keep a broken tooth, it is possible to store gorselin or metallic caps by root kanel. So there is nothing to worry about. Your good smile can ensure timely treatments. However, one thing must be done with the help of an experienced dental surgeon, otherwise it would be more harm than good.
    For a healthy healthy life
    Who does not love beautiful smile! Lips of laughing are two beautiful white dental flickers. Dental pain is a big pain. Can not be tolerated. Soothing soft drinks. Grime becomes thin. Dr Babbert Palmer, chief of the Geriatric Department of Cleveland Clinic, said the age was a big reason. Tooth and gums are damaged and 50-60 years of age problems start.
    The good news is: The benefits of slight changes in dental routine are of course. Tips for healthy dentists. Identify the alert or take action.
    Alert: Tooth conjunction.
    Fluuridated water was not always available, so when Soma grew up, there was no coolness with fluoride. We all have no protection, many of our teeth are filing, 50 people of the top people are seen forever. When a tooth is repaired it is not as strong as the original teeth. But with age, many teeth are seen forever. There germs bind them.

    Tissue moves in the grooves with age. Hamas DDS, a Kimbali of American Dental Association, said, "Since the place is very close to the nerves of the nerves, there is a great reduction in corrosion."
    So if the tooth is slightly concocted or you can show the dentist quickly. X-rays may be needed to see the teeth continuously. Then make it smooth or filtered.
    The whole crown or cap may be needed when the big one is big.
    How to prevent?
    The way is to brush teeth, floss and fluid well. Alcohol is rather harmful.
    Sensitive teeth and painful gums
    Those whose teeth are very sensitive, it may be the reason that the periodontal disease has eroded the gums. This bacterial disease starts without symptoms, and many people do not realize that the disease progressed much further before the major damage occurred. More than half of the 55 upper people are victims of this kind of malady.
    If the bacteria grow in the root of the teeth, then the slight bleeding during the brush is detected in the eye. However, if the number of microorganisms increases, the tummy tissues remain loose, the lower ligaments continue to decay, the bones that keep the teeth in place are also lost. Bacteria can lead to bleeding, increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.
    In order to feel sick in the gum and to get healthy teeth, professional dentistry should be deep cleansing, daily antibiotic coolies, and occasionally dentist philosophy (once in three months). Using a soft, round brush, soft brush, for sensorine paste sensitive to teeth.
    WARNING: Dry Lars Healthy Dental Witch Salsa

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