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RE: Xenoestrogens #4: Hop polyphenols. Is beer consumption messing with our hormone balance?

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Excellent article, covering all bases; one feels in safe hands reading it!

I don't drink much beer or alcohol in general, but I worry whether I'm doing anything from the list of things you said you're not worried about. What's so bad about soy products, for instance? Perhaps you could enlighten us about other hazards in another post!

Also, maybe a little beer isn't harmful, and a little soy isn't harmful either, and the same goes for regulated crops etc. But what if the cumulative influence of all this is harmful?


Hey @alexander.alexis, ty for your comment!

About soy, I wrote already 3 posts (plus a german summary post) that I've linked in the beginning of this post, and I'm not planning on writing a fourth ;-)
Cumulative - or even worse, synergistic - effects are a potential problem, that's absolutely true. Also, it's the very field I am working on in my profession as a scientist. But sadly, little is known today about such combinatory effects. I will dedicate a post to it soon enough though, for it's the perfect topic to end my estrogenicity series.

I guess I should read the fine print!

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