The More You Smoke, The Less Your Salary Is

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Do you have a job? Do you smoke? If your answer to both questions is yes, you may have to choose which you want to keep. These days, there are some employees who could lose their jobs if they smoke and lie about it. Additionally, smokers who are looking for a job may have a serious disadvantage as many employers now look into this as part of the hiring process.

A study has also discovered that as salary increases, smoking decreases. Therefore, those with low salaries may be prone to smoking. In fact, smokers who have low income in New York spend a quarter of their salary on cigarettes.

Smoking Can Harm Your Job and Pay

A Stanford University professor says that some smokers did secure a job, but unfortunately, they do not receive the same amount in their paycheck as those who don’t smoke. Based on Judith Prochaska’s research, she announced that the pay difference is about five dollars per hour on average. This means over $8,300 per year. But why is this so? A number of factors can explain the reason for the pay difference and among the important ones include:

  • Smoking means higher healthcare costs
  • Smokers may have more sick days than those who don’t
  • People who smoke also have more downtime than those who don’t

Prochaska also said that there are studies in the past that showed there is a link between unemployment and smoking. This new study though, which was conducted in California, focused on 251 unemployed individuals: 131 of which were all smokers and the remaining didn’t smoke. These people tried to look for a job since 2013 up to 2015. For more than a year, the researchers learned that 56% of the nonsmokers got hired and only 27% of the smokers got the job. The smokers who had a job received $15.10 per hour of work, while those who didn’t smoke received $20.27.

More Reasons Why Smoking Can Cost You a Good Salary

If you haven’t stopped smoking yet, here are more ways it can impact your employment status:

  1. May Cause You to Be Unproductive: Studies have shown that smokers are less productive than those who don’t smoke.
  2. More Sick Days: Smokers are more likely to call in sick because of the health problems linked to smoking.
  3. Viewed as High Risk: Many employers view people who smoke as high risk for absenteeism, costly productivity losses, and early retirement.

If you smoke at your workplace, you could also be putting your coworkers at risk. There are studies who claim that employees exposed to smokers at work have 17% risk of getting lung cancer.

There is always a way to avoid this if you can't then you must control your smoking habit or much better if you stopped it now. Aside from your family your health is also your important priority.

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hello @adrianmendoza, please becareful when you copy and paste content like this. you could get downvotes, flags or blacklisted by bots.

instead, you can just a take a moment to summarize the article in a few words, and the Steemit community will appreciate it.

thank you

I didn't know that employers look at the smoking habit of people for salary rate and giving them the job in the first place.

Salary rate is still based on employees performance and it will only change if the employee can't able to perform very well maybe because he is sick or absent. Article above shows the effects of smoking in salary based on studies.

its a bit abusive if you want to talk about your rights and all that but at the end for this case it's something that will benefit you if you quit smoking.

So i should start saving then....! :D Upvoted

Well, that's a good idea

yeah, it is!

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Interesting insights @adrianmendoza. Thoughts on universal healthcare (i.e. Canadian system) for smokers?

you are evolving.. nice blog man

I'm not sure this is entirely true - at least not in "high powered" occupations.

It's amazing, for example, how many doctors, lawyers, and professors smoke. Nicotine has a tremendous benefit to the nervous system and aids in concentration - much like caffeine.

In addition, the camaraderie among smokers is extremely beneficial to a career. When people go out together for a smoke-break, it gives them a chance to talk, interact, and network. And you might just be the mail-room clerk at your company, and find yourself offering the CEO a light.

Does smoking in excess have health risks? Sure. So does overeating, over-drinking, and driving too fast. Life's pleasures are best enjoyed in moderation.

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