Best Massage EVER - Acroyoga therapeutic flying massage

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If you are into giving and receiving massage, you might want to check this out. Acroyoga therapeutic flying massage is quite different than any other type of massage. The person getting the massage get an amazing experience of feeling weightless and a sensation of floating in the air.

With practice you can make this super enjoyable for the person recieving the massage.
The may tip to do this is to have the person recieving the massage to remain "piked" at the hips. This means they should fold at the hips to create a 90 degree angle. This creates a shelf and allows the person giving the massage a easy time to hold the person receiving in mid air.


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Thanks so much for watching and all your support!!
Have fun, be safe!
Have a wonderful day!!


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This is something new.
I had no idea you could also do the therapeutic massage and it looks really interesting and relaxing.

HA! This really looks cool and comfy, but only if you know how to acro yoga :D I'm sure it's at least fun! :D

Day by day i am getting close to love acroyoga by your posts... @acromott keep it up sir.

That looks like it feels amazing!!!