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RE: Listen To Your Inner Intuition ... Want Help Expanding Your Consciousness?

in #health4 years ago

Interesting; good luck!
Would also be interesting to read your experiences using this medium. Not to divulge private stories, but about any pros and cons of this somewhat remote approach. For example, I would prefer text as I find audio/video distracting and often technically problematic.


@accelerator ... mind elaborating more? Do you mean, how to heal at a distance using video/audio format?

Was more about general communication - perhaps the internet here is not so fast, but I find video chats exhausting as it is a pretend real conversation but with many non-verbal cues missing. There is an onus to remain visible in order to appear to be listening.

Also, few people write down their thoughts to try and create a meaningful whole - text, I find, has a feedback that video lacks. On the plus side, one's own voice is important if doing a guided meditation or other exercise.

I acknowledge that there are things "missing" in a video communication ... but I don't see them as a hindrance in working with others. While in person may be best, something is much better than nothing.

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