A Disaster About To Happen - What Would You Do?

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This story was originally published at Medium on August 19th, 2019, but it was not made available to the timeline there.
The reason given was extremely lame, considering what else the curators had time to make available on the timeline:


It is clear that this is their way of censoring material that they do not want to publish. Since censoring comes now in all kinds of forms and shapes, it makes all the more sense to publish only on Steemit. Although I had been turned off here as well, since I received the impression that the most up-voted content is the one that does not rock the boat, or question the official narrative too much. People also make a lot of money with 'feel good about yourself stories', while the world is displaying an overall disintegration in all areas.

Someone I am very fond of gave me the advice to write about things I know. After long pondering I realized if people would only write about what they know, most publications would have never happened. Because 'knowing' is such a relative term. For quite some time now I have been battling with the motivation to write, based on the assertion that if people only want to read stuff that makes them feel good, many of my works would not be suitable for them. However, as Alan Watts pops up randomly in my music library, a talk (Alan Watts - Way Beyond Seeking) arrived in my mind at the perfect timing:

Swadharma: "...If You are a painter - You have to paint. If You are a writer - You are one of those crazy people who just has to write. I am a writer - I have to write, whether it makes me money, or whether it doesn't. I still have to be a writer."

That is me, my Swadharma. Therefore it doesn't matter if anybody likes what I am writing, if anybody approves of what I am writing, or not. It is written for no other end than to be written. In this case by me, myself, I. And this is also the quintessential red line running through my life. I don't write to tell others how they can improve oneself, because what would I write? How are you going to improve the Universe?

It was for this exact reason that I arrived at this moment in time where a block appeared. Having lost what I loved so deeply and was so deeply connected to, created this questioning as to why would I continue to write, if a) nobody really cared and b) it had actually already been written, or said before. But now I know, that what I write has not been written today before. This 'now' never existed before. This 'now' is the now that has inspired and created the flow of words onto the paper, or screen.

I also do not hesitate to be controversial, since that would also miss the point. What I write has been written, because it wanted to be written, to be expressed. For no other reason but that. Herein lies my constant lack - because I do not have any financial considerations. If I would, I would have to write what others give up-votes, or claps for, or whatever results in monetary gain. It took some pains to get here, but this is how it is supposed to be.

Thank You for Your understanding.

Here is the essay:

What Would You Do?


HVO Earthquake Map of Hawai'i island August 10th, 2019


HVO Earthquake Map of Hawai'i island August 19th, 2019
Link to the HVO Earthquake Page

One question has been plaguing me for a long time. It is:

What would I do if I had a strong sensation that something really catastrophic were about to happen?

And from this question, arises another one:

What would You do, if You had a strong sensation that something really catastrophic were about to happen?


You may have noticed that I have lived on Hawai'i Island for quite some time. 13 years, to be specific. In those 13 years, I spend a great amount of time with 'Tutu Pele', the Hawai'ian Goddess that reigns over the Volcanoes and is responsible for the Lava flows that occur frequently. Although Tutu Pele is the name the Hawai'ian people call her. It is their Grandmother Pele and the mythology surrounding her is very rich. For those who visit Hawai'i Island, she is 'Madam Pele'. To a small number of Humans that are not born on her Islands, she reveals herself as an inviting Natural Force. She will make clear what kind of relationship she has to anyone. I always had a strong connection to Tutu Pele. Despite all science and what goes for the 'modern life', it was possible to connect to the Energy she represents on a very personal level. There are many accounts of Tutu Pele appearing in the dreams of Islanders and folks from afar alike, in visions about impending eruptions  -  as to warn her children from the coming danger. I had several of these dreams and the one before the last one was the non-physical proof that she would once more erupt for me. That was early 2018 - prior to the eruption in Lower Puna, that destroyed close to 700 homes  -  and I took that dream very seriously, because there was one before in which Tutu Pele appeared and it too, was followed by an eruption shortly after. That was in 2014, when Tutu Pele took a stroll to visit Pahoa.

The main problem about this could be called 'irrationality', as we live in a time, in which such a profound connection to the Energy, that is creating this Planet and with it the Emperor Sea Chain that includes as its latest extension the landscape of Hawai'i Island, is either denied entirely, or smiled upon like at the visions of a lunatic. With all heads facing downwards nowadays  -  the mind constantly occupied with tweets, messages and a virtual wall containing an overbearing flow of information  -  it is easy to lose any form of connection to the Natural World. To the Energy behind everything. There would be no smart phones for not so smart people without this Energy. That's alright. It is not necessarily a loss for the Planet when people are unable to feel that connection, to feel the Energy behind all. What it is instead, is a great loss for the people that have no more time to reflect upon this Energy, to see it doing 'Its Thing', to feel it, to be connected with it.

Especially during the last months, the spiritual Energy of 'Aloha' has been in the news. At least in the Hawai'ian news.
There is not much coverage about the ongoing protests on Mauna Kea, where the original inhabitants and their supporters are protesting against the construction of what is called a 'Thirty Meter Telescope' -  or in short 'TMT'. Most all of the folks that I hold dear in my heart after all these years on Hawai'i Island are among the protesters. Actually, they are not so much protesters than they are protectors of their sacred mountain Mauna Kea. The key word here is sacred  -  for which there is no consideration on the side of those who want to build another 'telescope' on Mauna Kea.

'Telescope', because there is much more to it than meets the eye. You will not find any information whatsoever in the pathologically deceiving MSM, to which the local 'news' paper Hawaiian Tribune Herald must be counted. Owned by Black Press Group Ltd a Canadian publisher that has cornered the Hawai'ian print media, it is part of a syndicate that pledges only allegiance to the owner class of the U.S. You will never see any article in this and other propaganda outlets regarding the truth about Hawai'i Island and the Hawai'ian Archipelago in general. This is not about their deception and spreading of unadulterated hate towards the Hawai'ian Nation. This is about being the mouthpieces for the military industrial security complex. The HTH will never publish any critical information about the U.S. military. However, it is the U.S. military that has an iron grip on the Hawai'ian Islands. Not only with its largest Naval base at Pearl Harbor, but a bio-chemical weapons laboratory on Maui and military testing grounds on the Big Island, where it also tested DU (Depleted Uranium) munitions - the kind that are still causing massive birth defects and cancers in both Yugoslavia and Iraq. There is also a military installation on Kilauea Volcano. Why? To protect it?

Certainly not. There are however papers that show that the U.S. military is studying the use of a volcano to spread deadly diseases via a forced eruption through bombing a volcano. You can search for the information online. But this piece is also not about these decrepit intentions regarding blowing up volcanoes. It is equally not about the information, that  -  like on Haleakala Volcano  -  the military is about to build a 'star wars' installation in an attempt to convert the outer space of the planet's atmosphere into a battle field. Shooting down 'enemy' satellites with laser beams. Or incoming ballistic missiles. Like the ones that were homing in on the Hawai'ian Islands in January 2018. As You can see here:


"Emergency alert: Extreme THIS IS NOT A DRILL- OK."

There is a psychological condition that was originally discovered by people of the likes of Edward Bernays, that colluded with U.S. regimes and the biggest corporations to enable those to control the collective consciousness of the U.S. population. It is called manufacturing consent and is also the title of a 1988 book by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky. Bernays et al knew how to convince the masses to consent to what their 'government/corporations' wanted to achieve. This information too, can still be accessed through the internet. Although it must be pointed out, that those who control the narrative are scrubbing the internet from all truth regarding their psychopathic deeds. The 'missile alert' had only one purpose  -  the fabrication of consent for the construction of a star wars base on Mauna Kea  -  to shoot down incoming ballistic missiles, like those mentioned in the above alert, or enemy satellites.

The Hawai'ian people know that. Many of them work for the military as the actually largest employer on the Hawai'ian Islands. It's not tourism, as is frequently alleged. The biggest employer is the military. And there are whistle blowers that don't publish their information. It seeps out into personal circles and becomes what is commonly called 'rumors'. 'Conspiracy theories' is what the military calls these private revelations. It cannot be any other way. The protectors on Mauna Kea don't want their sacred mountain to be turned into a space battle station. What might be the reason other than the obvious desecration? Right. When the U.S. is facing retaliation for its intended first strike on its adversaries, hyper sonic ICBM's will indeed home in on Mauna Kea.

Why would I write about all this, if the title question is not even directly related to this information?

The answer is simple. Because everything has to do with everything else. Nothing can be looked at as being isolated from anything else. Especially in this case. For in this case, the lawlessness displayed by the U.S. regime is endangering the Hawai'ian People and their rich culture. One might argue that this has been taken place for well over 100 years - but the way in which it is happening now is infinitely more cruel. Armies of so called 'trolls' reside in publications the likes of HTH, defaming and ridiculing the reasons for those Hawai'ian people who are awoken, to demand that the 'telescope' will be moved to another location instead. The hatred that is displayed in the commenting section exceeds what is covered by 'free speech', but it has been like this for a very long time and for the HTH and its ilk the truth is that "You have free speech - as long as you don't say too much" (Neville Brothers - Brother's Keeper - 'Sons and Daughters').

There was even a small demonstration in Hilo for the construction of the TMT. A true naïvety scene. Waving signs in support for something they truly only know about by what they are told by the MSM. The kind of people who believed that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. George Carlin once said that he never believes anything his government tells him. How much more true does that have to be for a regime?

One can only call it empty threats, when officials and those who want to construct  -  let me call it whatever from here on -  on Mauna Kea, threaten to move the location to the Canary Islands, where another mountain would also suffice for the project. That mountain is however not sacred for one, and then, if the real goal is for the military to build a star wars base on top of Mauna Kea, they will certainly not do so on the Canary Islands. Therefore, people that protest in Hilo for the construction on Mauna Kea, are mislead in the concern that "if not on Mauna Kea, then in the Canary Islands". Not going to happen. The TMT is a scapegoat, a cover for the militarization of Mauna Kea.

It is of utmost importance to question this narrative, to reject this propaganda and to ask ourselves the essential question of: Cui Bono? Who benefits from the total militarization of our society? Not the people, that's a fact. To the contrary, it will be the people that will find themselves at one point in the cross hairs of retaliatory strikes by those attacked by the U.S. Sure, it is so much easier to stick the head in the sand and glorify everything military. It's inseparable part of the delusion to be exceptional. And in that, those protecting their sacred Mauna Kea break with the unwavering obedience to a system that will throw them under the bus as soon as it becomes necessary.

People are suffering from PTSD caused by the 'missile alert: NOT A DRILL', that had made them believe that North Korea launched ICBM's at Hawai'i. To witness how those who were told over and over again to "Duck and Cover!" by military propaganda, were running around like chickens without a head, was heart breaking. Devoid of any critical thinking, people really considered hiding in the sewer. At this point I recommend to watch the film Threads, just to make sure that everybody understands that there is no escape from a 50 Megaton warhead  -  unless you sit in a rich men's bunker far away from the impact zone.

Now, let's get to the chase. History has shown over and over again, that while the most ill spirited humans had always precise plans for their destructive deeds, Universal Forces changed these plans, or turned them on their heads. You could say that the world would already be a nuclear wasteland, if it would have not been for a higher force that prevented that from happening. Call it actually what You want. I call it The Universe. The Universe gave birth to mankind  -  not the other way around and it also and always has the last word. Sensitive Humans can feel when a course correction is due to prevent the worst. Sacrifices will have to be made, but they happen mostly involuntarily, as those affected might not see it coming. For all I know and have discussed with Kanaka Maoli  -  my Hawai'ian friends and their families  -  they know that events are about to happen, when the circumstances require it.

The militarization of the Hawai'ian Islands fits into these circumstances. And at this point, all those Nations that will be affected by the catastrophic events about to happen, are well advised to use their voices to demand a reversal of this militarization presently shifting into high gear in Hawai'i. Which brings us now back to the original question.

It may be required to give a little primer about a specific area, or feature in the South of Hawai'i Island. Commonly described as the 'Hilina Slump'. For those who do not know how the Hawai'ian Islands are created, I give an ultra brief crash course: Connected to an area called a 'Hot Spot', roughly in the center of the Pacific Ocean, volcanic activities have created the Hawai'ian Islands and its preceding 'Emperor Sea Chain', as the Pacific Plate moves over this Hot Spot. Lava is ejected like through a pressure relief valve towards the surface of the plate  -  first sub marine and after breaking through the surface of the Pacific Ocean, starting to layer up with each subsequent eruption. That takes quite some time, although in geological terms the creation of the Hawai'ian volcanoes is rather rapid. For the size of Mauna Loa - the biggest shield volcano on Earth - its age is even for Humans rather young. It had not reached the surface of the ocean 500,000 years ago. It's subsequent layering was rapid and involved huge amounts of Lava to be ejected.

Certainly You know how Swallows build their nest. They do so by adding layers upon layers on top of each other. Thus the nests are not a homogeneous mass, but consist of many individual layers. These layers can be observed when one wanders through the Hawai'i National Park and most recently with the subsidence of Kilauea caldera. One can clearly see the Onion like layering of previous eruptions and in the active flow field in Lower Puna, these layers are most prominent, as they are newer and less compressed. The volcanoes that constitute Hawai'i Island are not a homogeneous mass either. They do break apart for this reason - noting is really solid. Fractures are to be expected. Especially in areas of great fluctuations, as in the youngest part of Hawai'i Island - everything moves, shifts and is subject to collapse at the edge. As I have personally witnessed several times, when a bench that was 'glued' to the Kalapana 'plate' by Lava pouring into the ocean simply broke off in an impressive fashion.


Layering of Lava ©2011–2019 Helena-Sophia Exel (Image tone mapped for contrast)

You can see the layering in this crack, that was created when fresh Lava was injected below, breaking the existing layer and pushing it upwards. Another image from the Hawai'ian Volcanoes Observatory shows a larger area where the layering is visible:


Kilauea Caldera - Image from HVO - USGS Hawai'ian Volcano Observatory

Now it is important, for all I know that these legions of trolls and stooges are all over the place, wanting to ridicule my assessment of what is about to happen, based on their search algorithms, to emphasize the following:

What kind of evidence would you accept, to prove that I am wrong?

And on we go. It is clearly to be observed and no information to be found on the HVO website about this rather rapidly unfolding development. The opposite is true, there is nothing to see, it's all fine, no elevated earthquake activity and so forth. Having witnessed the utter cluelessness of the so called 'academics' in regards to the most recent eruption that destroyed more than 700 structures, I wonder if they are just playing it all. Pretending that they don't know better. If they do, we can safely assume that the money they use is spent better to combat homelessness in Hawai'i. If they know and do not tell those potentially affected, it would constitute treason on the people of Hawai'i.

When You look at the changes that occurred just over the last few days (as of August 10th, 2019 - at the time of writing this piece), You will notice two developments. The first one is the increasing earthquake activity at the separating area of the Hilina Slump from the main flank of Mauna Loa/Kilauea  -  the visible crack along the Southern/Southeastern edge of the Island. That's also were Kalapana is located. It will go when the Slump goes. Many people do know why that is a very present danger. Due to the Natural Forces mentioned above. Tutu Pele has her reasons to do so. Ask the Kanaka Maoli that call this area their home.

The second development is what I call the impending eruption of the new Hot Spot plumbing at the junction of Lo'ihi Volcano and the Southern flank of Mauna Loa. There are also the villages of Pahala, Punalu'u, Hunua'po, and Na'alehu in the closest proximity. For a very long time, there was already the talk that Hilina would go. Only in the more recent time  -  about ten years ago  -  scientists have alleged that based on bathimetry data, a bench below the main Hilina overhang had developed and that it would serve as a sort of brace, stabilizing Hilina and thus reducing the likelihood that it will break off. As it is with predictions regarding Nature in general and with volcanic activity in specific, any kind of prediction as to what will happen in years from now is utterly moot. What happens in ten years can only be hypothesized, because nobody knows what will happen in five years from now. That includes of course the possibility of these grave changes to be imminent. The imminent part is based on the strong sensation that has not failed in regards to previous events.

What I call strong sensation is comparable with Animals that run away from the coast before a Tsunami reaches the shoreline. Animals have a mind-free instinct. Humans start to reason and to think. The thinking is depending on the programs and conditions that were applied to the mind. You can see film material, where tourists are looking at the first signs of the devastating Tsunami in Indonesia, failing to deduct that they should run for their lives to higher ground. What kind of failure of the mind is this? Is it 'fate'  -  that if Your time has come, You can just stay in the water and get swept away? It may not be that easy, since most Humans and certainly all Animals are not suicidal. There is a built in mechanism that will prevent You from certain death  -  if You are given the opportunity not to die.

Imagine someone laying on rail road tracks, waiting for the train to come. How many people would remain on the tracks when they hear the train drivers signal? It may be fair to say that a person that does not move out of the tracks is indeed suicidal and thus suffers from a malfunction of the survival mechanism. If that mechanism is intact, people will get up and run away.

Maybe the question of "What would You do?" is really moot. Maybe  -  provided that You see the train coming  -  You see it as not being Your job to warn the person on the tracks? The person should figure it out by itself? People that live on one of the most active volcanoes on Earth, that has given a spectacular display of unforeseeable and unpredictable events in 2018, can figure out when the train comes? Do they? Or are they like those in the water in Indonesia, that could have made it  -  if only others would have yelled soon enough for them to get out? Would You have yelled? Would You scream that there is a train coming? Would You tell people on Hawai'i Island, that live in the area, that they should run up the hill now? Or is it more like: "Nah. I am sure I am wrong about that. Plus, people can figure that out for themselves. They know."

Getting away from Hawai'i Island and looking at the many Islands in the South Pacific, should they be told what will come at them? Or are they aware of that possibility anyways. They must know that  -  living a few meters above ocean level  -  there will be no escape when the Tsunami rolls in.

When I speak about Tsunami, I don't mean the kind that devastated large parts of the Japanese coastline. No. When the Hilina Slump goes, it will create a wave that will dwarf anything Humans have ever seen. On the beautiful Island of Maui, there is a place with one of the earliest Hawai'ian Heiaus  -  Haleki'i Heiau in Wailuku. When You walk up there, You will notice that the area has lots of sand. The sand was not carted up by Hawai'ians. It was deposited by a Tsunami  -  before the first Humans discovered Maui. Tsunamis of that magnitude have not been rare in the history of the Hawai'ian Islands. The opposite is true. Flank collapses are quite frequent on all Islands. Some were huge, others enough to get sand up 150 feet. Flank collapse is a natural occurrence. Newer bathymetry images show just how many of those flank collapses have taken place and how big they were. Some were gigantic, like when Molokai broke apart. The rubble from the slide extends over 60 miles out into the ocean. Naturally, the volcanoes are shaped like ramps and so, what breaks off will be accelerated by gravity.

So, what would You do? You can't call 911, obviously. Call Your friends and their families? What would You tell them? "Hey, listen, I have this strong sensation that the Hilina Slump is going and that there will be an eruption close to Lo'ihi"? No? No. Very unlikely. Why? Because they already know. They feel the earthquakes. They can also look at the earthquake monitor. But most importantly, they feel the shaking. As I did when I lived there. One thing though comes to mind. The 'frog in the water that gets hotter'. That means that those who live there, are so used to earthquakes, that they might shrug them off as "just a few more". They do that, like I did. But there is a threshold that will tell You to run to higher grounds. That threshold should be reached by now.

One Auntie told me a long time ago, that humans influence the Natural Forces. That they influence Tutu Pele's behavior. What she does is in direct relation to what humans do on the Islands. Not just Hawai'i Island. All Hawai'ian Islands. An event of this proportion will affect all Islands. In so many ways. There might not be a massive Tsunami running into Oahu, because the Hilina Slump will create a Tsunami towards the Southern Pacific. In addition to the immediate effects of the breaking off on Hawai'i Island, it is this Tsunami that will be the gravest danger. Of course, nobody can know how much of the flank will follow when Hilina goes. Theoretically, Kilauea could also slide. But that should be considered the worst case scenario and would certainly spell doom for millions of people along the South Pacific shorelines. It would crash the global economy at once and require immense amounts of money to aid those countries affected  -  the Japanese Tsunami will have been very small by comparison. There is a rough number about the amount of volcano that will slide. That number is 2000 cubic kilometers. Less than the one flank of Molokai, but a frightening large piece of rock.

Panic? No. This can be relativated by human minds. "Not happening today", "not that big" and so forth. The human mind can find all kinds of ways to deny that, what shall not happen. That, what must not happen.

Now, to conclude this disturbing piece  -  I am pretty sure it has the potential to be disturbing  -  I like to emphasize that its intend is not to create panic. It's sole intend is to relay this strong sensation and ask those people who will be in harms way to pay a little bit more attention to the nuances that are normally neglected. But most of all, this is a warning to remove the military from Hawai'i Island and to not go ahead with the TMT. Those in public offices and responsible for the construction should think again and hard. If it is indeed just a thirty meter telescope  -  move it to the Canary Islands. There will be other opportunities for those living in Hawai'i to make their living. Tutu Pele will provide for it. She has the last word in everything and especially those who proclaim to believe in God: Tutu Pele is your God by another name. Heed her warnings. She is not kidding. When she makes her children concerned, there is a reason for it. The Hawai'ian people, who's ancestors left their foot prints in still soft Lava, know that.

May my unease about what happens on Hawai'i Island as I type be just my imagination, exaggerated and unrealistic. My demands for the military to leave and the TMT not to be built are not. May all things turn to the better and peace return to Hawai'i Island.

Hawai'i is the Island where Aloha is born out of the Fiery Womb of Pele.

Mahalo nui loa - Thank You very much for Your time.

Update on August 25th, 2019:

The increase in earthquakes continues. The alleged depth of the majority of these quakes is at the bottom of Mauna Loa at around 17 km below ocean level. This plot that is also from the HVO web site shows the distribution:


Screen capture of a plot to show the distribution of earthquakes at the Southern flank of Mauna Loa/Kilauea.
Plots can be created here. Click on "Earthquake Plots" on the right pane.

Here is the latest update by HVO on Big Island Video News.

A link to DMZ Hawai'i, an organization dedicated to end the desecration of Hawai'ian lands by the U.S. military.

A link to a Truthout Article About The Struggles of Native Polynesian People facing dispossession and desecration of their native lands.

A link to a map of Militarized Sites in Hawai'i

Last updated and edited 08/29/2019. The edit was pertaining a reflection of ownership change of Hawaii Tribune-Herald, that is now owned by a Canadian publishing group and several typos. I also added links to websites that offer further information about the situation on Hawai'i Island.


So glad to see you back on STEEM!

For me, this post is a wonderful piece in so many ways. Your exploration of why we write touched me personally. For many of my younger years song writing was used as a means of expression; regardless if they found an audience or not. Then one day in my mid-forties it stopped as if there was nothing more to express. Even my guitar was discarded.

More recently another guitar came into my life and although my old songs would be played anything new seemed to be either instrumentals or covers. Now it was fun playing others' songs while trying to bring a bit of myself to them. So your observations of Swadharma touched me, deeply, on that personal level.

Your observations on the TMT protests brought an angle of understanding which was not evident even on alternative media. It makes perfect sense with Trump's new Space Force.

We share those same sensations that the changes of this era are soo intense that they will manifest on the physical as well as the spiritual level. My journey would, likely, be much like yours if it were not for my belief that Nova Scotia is one of those places which will help absorb the shock of those changes for my family and myself.

Thanks for sharing this peice which has touched me on many levels. ✌💛

It was a difficult birth! :-D But how sweet is the baby! To have finally become free is such a soothing gift by the Universe. And how much I love the fact that everything comes in circles.
You had a real great part in the final understanding of Swadharma. Alan Watts has told me that so many times - when listening to his talks of which I might have most all - but I could never releate as much to his explanation, as after You told me to write about what I know. Which of course led to asking myself "What do I know?" Frome there is was only a small step for mankind, but a huge step pour moi, to understand that, what wants to be written will create the 'knowing' about it. Like to know about it when You write about it.

Just a few days ago I wrote an email to a friend of 45 (!) years of mine in regards to how painful it is to cope with my Mom's deteriorating mental health. And in what could be called 'far fetched', I realized an interesting aspect: witnessing the course of dementia, I also realized that it really looks like it is tied inseparable to regret. As if regrets are the poison that destroys cognition. I am not sure if there is a study to this extend, but I sure would like to see one done. It would be tremendous helpful to eductate aging folks that they should transcend their baggage that they carry from life. In contrast to the poisonous regrets, when I push my Mom into memories of great elation and joy, her eyes reflect that immediately. Dementia eyes are dark - almost black. Like those of a Cat in distress. But when I tell her stories about my great uncle, who was the funniest of all relatives - the only one that would hang his damp socks on the chandelier in our living room to dry - her eyes start to glow in excitement. This is what I try to do now when we communicate via tablet. I also alleged in the email, that in order to get into this dementia inducing state of mind, one has likely spent one's life without those aspects that have real value. Like listening to music. Or even better - making music. Actively participating in the creation of music. Dancing. Painting. Philosophying. The thought condensed to 'Sex and Drugs and Rock'n Roll. :-D Or, in other words, Wilhelm Reich and Drugs and Rock'n Roll. My Mom's generation is one that was conditioned to condemn all three parts of the notion. How much more in tune I feel! And when You write that You were writing songs and playing guitar, I felt that this is indeed a very connecting part of life. I never saw musicians beating each other up. They do the beat together, play together, synchronize their sensations and musical emotions. That appears to be the vaccine against ailments of the brain. To jam life. And by all means, I so support any efforts to pick up where we once let go for the strangest reasons - like career and 'not having time'. Making music and also making one's own instruments, has got to be the most connecting activity a Human Being can have to the Universe. As a side effect, connections with other, like minded Humans are effortless. Jamming together is so elating and joyful. While I carry a deep love for the piano and do quite well on it, albeit never having had training - only on the accordeon as piano lessons were too expensive for my parents - it was percussion and drums where I could let things out, others need to chop a tree or more off for. Freeing up to enlighteningment. ;-)

I often wonder how my life would have turned out without siblings that ridiculed me for everything I did. However, I feel young enough to also pick up the drums, congas and marimbas again to beat away the craziness of my present life.

Thank You for being in my Life. And my recommendation for both of us is to spend the remaining time of our lives in a sensational fashion. Personal update via email will follow soon. :-)

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