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A series of activities of '100 DAYS OF STEEM' officially launched by steem Inc., one of which was really serious at last:
steem 官方发起的 100 DAYS OF STEEM 一系列活动,总算有一次是干正经事的了:
100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 33 - Tackling Abuse on Steem - Part I - What is Abuse?

Whether or not steem would been forked out of hive, steem itself has entered the bottleneck period of development, and a basic philosophical issue needs to be discussed:What is steem? Where are steem from? Where are steem going?
无论 steem 是不是要硬分叉出 hive,steem 本身已经进入发展瓶颈期,都需要讨论一个基本的哲学问题:
steem 是什么?哪儿来?去哪儿?

And the core question here is: 'what is abuse? 什么是滥用?而这里最核心的一个问题就是:什么是滥用?What is Abuse?`

In order to facilitate Chinese friends to understand the general situation of the activity and participate in the discussion, I will translate it briefly and discuss it later in the other post.

Before translating the original text, @steemitblog:Any important notice and discussion initiated by the government of steem in the future should be at least in English + Chinese/Japannese/Korean, Otherwise, most of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean users who stay in steem will not be able to participate.
原文翻译前,先建议 @steemitblog官方以后发起的任何重要通知和讨论,至少要发 英语+中日韩, 否则大多数留在steem的中日韩用户无法参与。

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There has been an increasing amount of discussion recently about how ‘abuse’ should be tackled on Steem.
最近有越来越多的讨论应该如何处理“滥用” Steem。

It is an issue that we are of well aware of, and keen to resolve.

But, it an issue of much complexity, significant controversy, and less than universal consensus.

There are two main parts to the problem, what is abuse and how should it be dealt with.
这个问题主要有两个部分,什么是“滥用” ,应该如何处理。

What is Abuse? 什么是滥用?

More or less since Steem began there has been considerable difference of opinion as to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behavior on the blockchain.

The often cited mantra ‘code is law’ suggests that if some action is permitted by the coding of the blockchain then it should be deemed acceptable.

For example, the code of the blockchain does not prevent anyone from posting 10 times a day, and self-voting on those ten posts.

But does the ‘community’ consider that acceptable?

If posting and self-voting 10 times a day is not considered acceptable, then is doing so five times a day okay? Or three times?

If the Steem code cannot determine what is or isn’t acceptable, then how can what is or what isn’t considered abuse be decided.

Beyond code we must turn to community.

But how can the Community decide on definitions of abuse?

By discussion to reach consensus? What mechanism should we use for that?

Or by voting? Should that be one account, one vote? Or should it be stake-weighted? He or she with the biggest Steem Power makes the rules? Will everyone, or indeed anyone, be happy with that?

To give the discussion more focus we can bring it to our more particular circumstances of where we are now.

Here are some of the categories of behavior put forward as abuse that needs to be ‘dealt with’...

  • trolling comments by Hive supporters on Steem posts (but what is trolling and what is expressing a different opinion)

  • hive支持者在Steem 发布的恶意挑衅的评论(但是什么是恶意挑衅的评论,什么是表达不同的观点)

  • posting of (excessive) ‘milking’ posts or comments by Hive supporters on Steem (but where does a ‘proper post’ end and a ‘shit post’ begin, and what is excessive?)

  • hive 支持者在Steem上发布(过多的)“挤奶”帖子或评论(但是“适当的帖子”的下限和“垃圾帖子”的上限在哪里,什么是过多的?)

  • excessive posting and self-voting (but what is excessive - five times a day, ten times a day?)

  • comment farming

  • 批量评论

  • using bid-bots to boost posts and potentially earn excessive rewards

  • 使用竞价机器人来推广帖子并可能获得超额奖励

Who should make the determination on which of these are abuse and which are not?

And if a rule-set for each of these can be decided how do we ensure those rules are applied equally to all users - particularly between those that have remained just on Steem, those that have moved to Hive and those that are happy to use both chains?

** Who will be the judge and jury? 谁将是法官和陪审团? **
There have been suggestions that it should be the witnesses.

But they were not ‘elected’ for this purpose, although an argument can be put forward that they are the ‘protectors of the blockchain’ and therefore it is within their remit to deal with abuse.

For this approach to have full credence and acceptability it might be useful for all witnesses to make public statements on what they do and don’t consider to be abuse so the community knows the views of all the witnesses they might vote for.

If the witnesses were to take on this role which witnesses should be included? The top 20, the top 50, the top 100… or all active witnesses? Who would decide on that?

If it is not to be witnesses who take on this role of determining what is abuse would an alternative be some sort of ‘Community Council’? But we are then back to the issues of how would that Council be selected or elected?

For both options of witnesses or community council how is the risk of conflict of interest avoided?

Our Proposed Solution 我们提出的解决方案

Unless anyone has any other suggestions, there would appear to be only one other option - Steemit, Inc.

Traditionally, Steemit, Inc. has stayed out of these sort of debates as it was considered a community issue.

Stake would sort it out.

That appears unlikely to be the solution that the community now desires.

Therefore, in the spirit of the 100 Days of Steem project, we are putting forward a solution.
因此,本着 100 Days of Steem project 的精神,我们提出了一个解决方案。

We, Steemit, Inc., can take on the role of judge of abuse cases - in conjunction with you the community as the jury.

Through the use of a Community Abuse Reporting account, cases can be presented and discussed through posts and comments to determine if some form of sanction should be applied to the offending account.

This is far from perfect, and we see it only as temporary until some more consensual solution can be designed and implemented

So our question to the community is whether Steemit, Inc. acting in this way, in consultation with the community, to determine cases of abuse would be acceptable?

Please let us know your views in the comments below.

How Should Abuse be Dealt With? 滥用该如何处理?

This is possibly the simpler of the two parts of the abuse issue.

We see three possible options for this but will leave discussion for Part II of this post to avoid the comments becoming too crowded and confused.

First off we are keen to see a substantial debate on ‘What is Abuse’ and our solution proposed above.

We hope you will join in.

Thank you,
The Steemit Team


【买赞贴/buy vote】steem社区大讨论:什么是滥用?What is Abuse?


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good information

fallow me.

What is Abuse?

What most Steem blockchain and Hive blockchain users do. Focusing only on their own posts, but they do not care about other people's posts, because most of the Steem blockchain and Hive blockchain users are selfish and greedy. The real human comments are rare both on the Steem blockchain and on the Hive blockchain. There are a lot of content creators, but only a few content consumers. Most of the Steem blockchain and Hive blockchain posts are ignored/overlooked. This leads to many disappointed users, who eventually leave the platform. This is why the user retention is so bad both on the Steem blockchain and on the Hive blockchain. This is in the statistics, so you cannot deny this. Most of the people are ruining both of the blockchains by their bad behavior. Most of the people are not grown up to this technology.

I pasted the comment under the mentioned post. Thank you for mentioning the post.