Why are so many of the top Youtubers hated on? Why is there so much hate in the crypto community against successful Vloggers?

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Googling Amanda B Johnson

I was Google surfing and typed in the name "Amanda B Johnson" and one of the first threads I see are legions of haters smearing her name. These haters know that it would damage her reputation and deliberately posted on the forum in such a way so that it would score high in Google. The hater calls her a "paid shill", a "robot", a "scammer". I look up Amanda B Johnson and in all of her communications over video I have never found an instance of dishonesty or scamming.

Googling Craig Grant

I Google "Craig Grant" and then it takes me to another Bitcointalk forum filled with his haters. They deliberately posted it in a way to make the top of the Google search and associated his name with phrases like "scammer", "stupid", " lieing".

I am beginning to reach the conclusion that these sorts of posts by haters are fueled by nothing more than jealousy. I notice there is a strong correlation between when these Vloggers started making serious money and when the hate started to grow on forums. The post about Craig Grant was from March 2017 and the post about Amanda B Johnson was January 2017.

Additional mentions

They also complain about Trevon James, who was a popular Steemit Vlogger. He went from being barely able to pay his rent in 2016 to being a crypto millionaire. Instead of people congratulating him and holding him up as an example of success, the community decides to turn on it's members who finally achieve the hard fought goal of financial liberation.

Anyone explain to me why the crab mentality is so common in crypto? I notice also comically that the haters never like to use their real names and often choose to use anime characters for their avatars.


Nobody knows hate and jealousy more than me. I married an American husband, but my huge luck and happiness were ruined by my own people. Being a poor Chinese from countryside, marrying an American husband means a huge success--both wealth and good fame. Pitifully I was threatened to be ill at that time, failing to look after my American husband. Who knows a huge tragedy happened? My husband passed away in China suddenly, police guessed that he died of a sudden heart attack. Nobody knows the truth.

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