HashKings Official Launch, Friday March 22nd

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Official URL for Hashkings is https://dlux.io/dlux/@hashkings/sneakpeak

HashKings Launching live on Fried Radio


Launch Details


March 22nd, 2019
Friday during Fried Radio, 7pm PST


Green House Radio Online
Canna-Curate Discord Server

How do I play?

On the day of launch, head over to HashKings on Dlux (link subject to change the day of launch) and login with your Steem account. You will then be transported to a kiosk where you can purchase your seeds and lease your property. Once you have items in your inventory you may begin planting your seeds and watering daily. There are also some hidden perks which will be explained during the launch podcast tomorrow and written in a post next week.

In order to play HashKings you will need seeds and property to grow your farm.

Seed Cost

Basic Seeds - 0.75 Steem
Premium Seeds - 1.5 Steem
Hand-Picked Seeds - 3 Steem

These seeds include XP for the Raffle
Basic seeds - 1(XP)
Premium seeds are - 750(XP)
Hand-picked seeds are - 2250(XP)

Join in the conversation on Discord Friday at 7pm PST to learn about XP and the Raffle

Leasing Property

When you play our game, you are not actually purchasing land from us. We are giving you an opportunity to lease the extremely rare HashKings property, with only a total of 4200 Plots available. Each lease is 20 Steem and active for as long you wish. Meaning, you can play the game for as long as you would like without us bugging you for the land back.

If you decide you would like to give up your rights as an Aristocrat in our economy then we will happily take our property back and return your Steem to you minus a 2.5% leasing fee. This means that you give us, as a deposit, 20 Steem and we allow you to play the game. When finished playing we return 19.5 Steem.


HashKings Economy

When you plant a seed you must continue to care for it through watering and other actions. If you do not care for your plant then it will die and you will need to purchase another seed. However, if you are successful in growing your plant a free seed is produced.

This process allows users to earn 0.7 Steem per seed per growth cycle over a 16 week period.

Which means after 1 seed has finished you are playing for free!

Our developer @disregardfiat has developed a way for you to take part in the Steem Economy through upvotes of user actions. Every time you perform an action in the game such as watering or feeding nutrients, HashKings will create a post on the Steem Blockchain. The game, using its Steem power, will then upvote this post and share the reward with you.

Much more information coming during our Launch Podcast on Discord and Twitch

Let's get growing with Steem Blockchains newest game, HashKings VR

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Please join the Canna-Curate Server with HashKings and be part of this exciting new adventure! 2019 has arrived along with

@canna-curate | The #1 Cannabis Curation Trail on Steemit

@jonyoudyer (@canna-curate)
@bluntsmasha aka CryptnoToad
@fracasgrimm (@greenhouseradio)
@qwoyn (@hashkings)

Official Links



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This seems cool and interesting! Resteemed!

Nice, didn't know you guys were planning on doing this on dlux, cool!

Yeah the cannabis and Steem community is so stoked! You should come join our server Acid :)


Will you guys be accepting smoke as well?^^

Gonna try join soon!

Not at the moment, but you can exchange your smoke and use steem :)

What if I have a harder time spending my Steem, though. :D

I feel ya haha. Luckily you aren't really spending much, you are mostly just staking so the steem still belongs to you.

You guys got a whitepaper or project announcement/description post?

I have the original whitepaper posted here on steem if you go to @qwoyn and scroll down to the bottom. The game has changed considerably though since the original version was written to be on Ethereum. I'll write up a new players guide and whitepaper in the next couple of days.

I don't want to say yes, or no. You will just have to wait ;)



Where do we log in at exactly on the website?

Ill update the link at the top of the post at 7pm tomorrow with instructions on where to find the login. :)

Any ref. system ?

I'm sorry no referral system at the moment but we will build one in. Thanks for the suggestion. @disregardfiat can you add this to a list of updates?

Hmm. I wonder where the referrals would fit in. I'm sure we can find some way to reward positive behavior. :)

This is what I like to hear! looking, good guys!

Thank you! I'll keep an eye out

Sounds cool count me in.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Excellent! Cant wait to see you out in the fields.

Hip hip horray!

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Does it have screenshot or a ftp options?

Posted using Partiko Android

FTP options? As in File Transfer?

Sorry f2p

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It has low risk ways to play, but the game itself needs margins to run, as well as to encourage people to play.

The general idea is you are staking 20 STEEM and sharing the voting rewards with everybody else caring for their plants. As people care for their plants their seed price is repaid... if you care for your plants you never have to buy more seeds. If you don't want to play anymore you can find a buyer for your land... or sell it back to us for 19.5 STEEM at any time. This means the cheapest way to play the game is to play for a grow cycle and then sell your land back when everything is 0. Before that you'll be exposed to up to 1.25 STEEM and after there should only be relative profit.

Can't we just delegate 20 sp and pay an extra 0.5 steem processing fee upfront? There is no way for us to be certain we will ever get that 19.5 steem back.

Posted using Partiko Android

That would be a great suggestion in the Discord channel #hashkings-suggestions.


You are correct, and this can in fact be coded fairly easily. There are a lot of features we'll be adding and the whole project as well as the project's state is opensource. Thank you very much for this suggestion.

Let's hope this doesn't become another drug wars 🤣

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We can answer sustainability questions up front. This is gamified staking, we'll talk more on the show. :)

Yeah if this is the thing then I'm in. It's another kind of posting and getting rewards. But then else and we can grow legally weed from home. 😎🤗 I will take this one also up in my @greendeliver-sm stream account viewed by 2 viewers a week. But when it falls it falls.

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A legitimate concern as there are many types of games out there. HashKings specifically relies on the Steem economy itself. It does not rely on more users joining the game. Whether more people play is fairly irrelevant since you are in essence staking as normal. Hope you listen in tomorrow.

Looking forward to it!

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Come into the Discord, and you will see we are very transparent. I founder of Canna-Curate vouches for Dan and Hashkings! SO stoked


Fantastic! What happens to those who already purchased land and seeds in the presale?

Your lands and seed pre-sales have been turned in to lands(already addressed) and handpicked seed vouchers.
So when you're ready to play you can redeem your voucher for a seed of your choosing, and start caring for your plants too.

We're also powering up then entire amount collected so far. There is no hole to dig from for development costs... provided you deal with the dev team's best effort. :)

Keep up the good work 🙌

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But is there still a difference between Gen0 Seeds?
Because they were also more expensive?

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You are hardcoded in to the game and will receive your property and seeds on launch.

Ah that’s awesome! :)

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How many seeds can each plot of land hold?

Posted using Partiko iOS

1 Plot = 1 Seed.

In order to earn the rewards each game cycle(1 seed growth cycle), each seed needs to have the 20 Steem staked. You may lease as many plots from us as you would like as long as we have them available. Please stay tuned for more information regarding XP during the podcast and in a post coming in the next couple of days. Great question!

Ahhhh ok 👌 I was envisioning huge....... tracts of land. 🤣. I was going to ask too about the xp being for a raffle, what's being raffled? I don't have a lot of time for podcasts, will there be a post with a summary of it? 😉

Posted using Partiko iOS

I'll write up a summary that's easy to understand after the show.

That's very, very cool.

Waiting for a launch now!

Finally! :D

What about the Gen0 Seeds?

They werent listed in this post..

I also hope this game wont spam my blog too much..
Maybe create comments for ingame actions instead of new posts?

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Congratulations! Awesome job!

Thanks man. Been working very hard on this, finally coming together.

Did the game launch?