Bridging the Divide with hot cooked meals at the Hurricane Harvey Shelter in Port Neches, TX

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Power of Sharing a Meal

Eating is an essential part of survival. It's no secret that if we do not eat, we will die. While eating alone will give your body nutrients, it won't feed the human need to socialize. Eating in a social setting is as old as time itself and can found all throughout recorded, human history. This brings me to the reality of helping out in East Texas. This part of Texas has a long and present history of racism. Need a quick lesson? Try googling Vidor or Jasper TX.
Now that we are all caught up let me tell you that my presence was not welcomed. I met a Mexican man helping the Cajun Navy and he was from StephensvilIe, TX. He left after 1 day of helping because he said a man refused to grab his hand during a water rescue or even say thank you. I also got the nasty looks, I was given the cold shoulder and completely ignored. I even heard someone say, "What the fuck is that nigger doing here?" When I looked around, I realized that I was "that nigger" that they were talking about. It was painfully obvious as I was the only "non-white" person in a 5 mile radius. I realized that my East Texas escort @hammokchouse couldn't save me. I went back to the drawing board and decided that I could still help by doing something I am passionate about.


We sat out to help and we weren't going to quit on the account of some ignorant racist people. I was able to uplift my moo din the kitchen over a few hours of prep and cooking. @xtdnrymompreneur did the prep and @xtrodinarypilot did the seasoning and cooking. I shared my dissatisfaction with my our experience thus far helping in that region. She assured me that this would turn the tide. Sure enough, I arrived at the church to no salutations whatsoever. We walked into the kitchen and drop off the 12 pounds of food and this is what happened...


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    Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Dash


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    Food is one of the most important aspects of human life, and this post really reflects this. Upvote this guy!


    Absolutely agree.

    Very good initiative the American people is great thanks to his solidarity and its humanity.

    @harveyrelieffund Thanks for sharing your activities with finding up and jogging. The 1st yrs tend to be the hardest. We are at our for six yrs non-halt.Carry on Performing at it. Perseverance and exertions tend to be the keys to results.

    thank you to you

    Nice Work 🤠

    good job.

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    Food is the important aspect of life.

    If you want to donate things for poor, Donating food is the best one and it has the power of healing your sins.
    If you donate clothes or money to poor people, They will be happy and praise you to live long.

    But if you donate food for poor/hungry people they will praise you from heart. Since you have cured their hunger.

    So donate food whenever you notice deserving ones.

    Thanks for the post.

    Beautiful cooking post thanx for sharing

    Good job to everyone helping in this cause :)!

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    work very well
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    Thank you for making life better for others! Keep on fighting the good fight!

    @harveyrelieffund nice job man keep up the good work best wishes

    Great Work.

    I think its great job

    How to end racism: Serve God and he removes the hate and clears the path.

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    It's just their ignorant first impression coming up. And with the cooking and your butt being there and helping out. Later, they will come to see what kind of genuine person you are and nice too. That first ignorant impression dies off and they accept you for the person you are. Can't blame them much, most are old and from a different time and racism is taught. Let's say the parents, the Society or family members. Neither is the black hood culture, gang culture, rap culture, helping in this case. Your mainstream media actually does a good job to spread racism too. Same goes for the far right, groups like the KKK and neo-nazis.

    we can not live without food

    Racism is born from ignorance, the thing you're providing is information and understanding, food is catalyser.

    How sad that they do not seek the soul behind the skin color. All their misconceptions are only helping destroy their own country. How can a skin color determine superiority? It is so sad that such racists will never learn. Hope you raise enough funds for helping the affected. Keep up the good work.


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    After my deployment, I found myself in Houston Tx (greenpoint). Not knowing I was disabled at the time I fell big time. Kind hearted people I never knew gave me food. I am more than happy to return the favor.


    It's sad to see poised hate during such a time of need

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    hi sir @harveyrelieffund, you wrote beautiful lines about eating food your these words are conclusion that. Eating is an essential part of survival. It's no secret that if we do not eat, we will die.…
    thanks for sharing these valuable words. resteemed follow

    @harveyrelieffund What a wonderful and heartwarming Tale..

    The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. I am so glad to see somebody working so well in individual capacity instead of presenting excuses. Go ahead @harveyrelieffund

    "One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that we as individuals can make a difference. Ending hunger in America is a goal that is literally within our grasp.” Jeff Bridges


    So in other words, the meaning of life is slavery? Because if all of our ultimate purposes is servitude, that makes the ultimate purpose of existence slavery. I'm sorry, I just can't go along with that. It's good to help your fellow man, but this.. just no. Gross.


    So, may be in your dictionary "Serving Humanity = Slavery" similarly a soldier who spends his youth saving the interests of a nation according to you must be a national slave right? You can't go along with the idea, that is your choice. Thanks for sharing your opinion though.

    @harveyrelieffund A great deal details thanks for sharing. Like it..

    I love cooking and I love sharing and I love to help other people in their lives thank you for sharing this story with us you are a great

    Awesome job amigo! Great post! Cheers from Mexico!

    @harveyrelieffund Excellent submit and very insightful. Have learnt a whole lot from it..

    Food is what brings people together. Without food, we wither and die. Hats off to all those folks who give hands on help. Those of us further away do what we can by providing prayers, goods and donations to the areas affected by the hurricanes. I find it hard to fathom how people can still find the time to be racist in a crisis. It is their loss in the end.