Hurricane Harvey Destroyed My Parents Home,Vehicles And Belongings - Call For Help

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When Harvey made landfall my parents, and my youngest brother who lives with them, thought that losing a tree in the backyard was the biggest loss that they were going to suffer. As the rain continued and the drainage systems became overwhelmed it soon became impossible for my family to leave. They pulled all the vehicles up as close to the house as possible and hoped for the best.


Thought to be the worst of the damage, turned out to be the least


My parents house in the top left with two of three vehicles visible

As the rain continued to fall things quickly spiraled out of their control. Water began to rush into the first floor of the house. My brother began to stack furniture as quickly as possible. My parents, both about to be 60 years old, were not able to help with the big items.


My brother Micah doing his best

The water continued to rise and it was decided to move upstairs. On a block with about 40 homes my parents have one of the only two two-story houses. This proved to be a blessing to the neighbors as my parents second story and roof soon became the gathering spot for everyone left in the area.


Micah out picking up neighbors and pets


Water continuing to rise


The backyard

The picture taking pretty much stopped at this point, batteries were conserved for texting. 911 was called multiple times by many people at the house and none of the calls went through. Hours went by and everyone stayed calm and positive. I asked my mom how many people were on the roof and she wasn't able to answer. Even today when I called her and asked her if she wanted me to drive my travel trailer down to them she was unable to make that decision.

Eventually, a man from Alvin made his way onto my parents street in his jon boat. This man began to rescue people from my parents house and it took many trips and several hours to move everyone to a dry and safe place. I searched through hundreds, maybe even a couple thousand, text messages trying to find his facebook page. This man is a hero and he took it upon himself to go out and help strangers.


My parents and brother were the last ones to get picked up. From the rescuers facebook page

My parents were driven by boat across Friendswood where the met up with my aunt and uncle. They then spent the next couple nights with them, unable to leave but dry and fed.


Picture taken by my aunt waiting to make the pick up


Parents house, unknown image source

Today, Thursday 08/31/2017, they returned home and found that the downstairs was destroyed. The upstairs was not reached by water but moisture was absorbed by everything. The first floor is going to have to be gutted and everything on that floor was destroyed. Furniture, antiques, a dining table and china cabinet that had belonged to my grandparents, washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove, a lifetimes worth of tools, pop-up camper...Those are just the big ticket items. Getting information out of my parents is almost impossible right now, they seem frazzled and almost like they have PTSD. My sister, who lives in the neighboring city - League City, is providing me with all the news.

The one thing I do know straight from my dad is that they do not have flood insurance. They don't live in a "flood zone" and the cost was extremely high so they didn't have it. This was a catastrophic 500 year flood and it took many people by surprise.


Cleanup began today


Backyard with 40 year old tree destroyed


Water level visible on couch


Nasty, polluted flood water damage

As of right now my parents are staying with my sister and her family. I've stayed with my sister several times and her kids beds are the type that keep chiropractors in business. I'm probably just going to hook up the travel trailer and take it down there whether I get an answer on not. This way they will have comfort, privacy and be at their house while the rebuilding occurs.

As for now, and this is the part that I really do not even know how to write. It comes down to money everyone. We are talking a large amount of money to fix the house, replace belongings and get moved back in. Not to mention the vehicles and things that are not necessitates. You don't need a clothes dryer but it sure does make like easier. I'm going to put my bitcoin address below and my paypal. I don't know of a way to be transparent. What I will do is give out my email and my phone number, if you have questions then please ask.

David Hunter
Phone: 281-816-5742
Email: [email protected]

Paypal: [email protected]
BTC Address: 1G9LxucbfuPwSCiX2XGv6mwh7jBotBjuJ8
Steemit: dwhntx

I will do a follow-up post as things progress.
I thank you for any help that you are able to provide.



It has been a long time since we seen you online. I know the hurricane changed life for so many of us down here in Texas. I hope you are doing well and getting things back to normal.

Hi, I have have been super busy and have not been on steemit much. My parents finally moved back into their house but are living out of the second story. The bottom floor was ripped out down to the studs and they are getting close to having it finished. The house will probably be back to normal in about 1.5 months. They also finally got insurance to pay out for the vehicles and got those replaced.

So sorry to see this. I grew up 23 years in Baytown. I have friends all over the Houston area including Friendswood. My wife's family all live in Lumberton, north of Beaumont. The waters on the highway there were 8' deep today. My hearts goes out to everyone there. It is hard to see what was home most of your life under water.

It is crazy. I don't even know how the region will recover or how many years it will take. This could be the financial ruin of many people. The families that lost people as well, it is just unthinkable.

How far up the walls did the Water wick?

It's actually hard to say and kind of strange. In the living room it looks like 4-5 feet but in the family room the wall is saturated all the way to the ceiling. Both rooms are on the same level so that is what is confusing. Either way, it's all getting ripped out.

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Resteeming for you my friend. I live here in Florida and gone through this stuff so much its sickening and it never gets easier when it hits an area hard. In the prayers and we wish you guys the best. We are getting the rains our way pretty bad and this coming new Hurricane has us a little worried too. Hope this resteem helps you out, did the best I could with the VP I have left but maybe my friends will hook you up

It is almost not even worth staying in these areas. Florida seems to get hit more than any other location, at least with hurricanes and tropical storms. I hope this new hurricane fizzles out and nobody gets hit!

The resteem is much appreciated!

After The Destruction From Harvey If Another One Hits We Will Have To Pack It Up And Move Somewhere Else. Praying for you and your family. I'm about to get back on my roof and add a couple more tarps. I went through the Nashville flood a few years back and I know how hard it is. We dodged a bullet here with the flooding. I'm hoping FEMA will actually help people hit by Hurricane Harvey. HEB has done a ton for our area with food and things. Many prayers your way!

I hear that. For everyone that does stay and rebuild I bet insurance is going to go way up. Many people, especially inland probably didn't have flood insurance and are going to be hurting bad.

HEB is a class act! They are bending over backwards helping the community. I know in Friendswood, where my parents live, restaurants are feeding people for free, trailers are being driven around with just necessities and being handed out - all of that is community and not government.

What a disaster, I'm really sorry for you and your family..and your country citizens, i wish you good luck for everything..

What a tragedy, a lot of strength to those who have suffered the devastation, in my last post I talk about this situation, I would appreciate it if you give me a look at my last post and give me your opinion, greetings and success in everything! Texas Strong!

Upvoting and Resteeming

Very much appreciate it!

Resteeming, upvoting, and sharing with our community

Thanks @preppers. I really appreciate the support and the upvotes!

Not the first I have seen of folks not having flood insurance and I know there are other avenues being opened up for getting help to many folks along with donations of just about everything from full beds to all the furniture coming in along with clothes and food, we are still waiting to get an update on my sisters place at Aransas to find out what if anything was spared. Sharing for you!

Appreciate it! I really hope your sister fared better. Aransas was hit hard too. Lots of food, hygeine type stuff is available but the big things are going to fall on the homeowners.

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