1Ramp Update: Contest creation is now open for all + Winner's Leaderboard

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1Ramp is available on Web and Android


At 1Ramp (@the1ramp), we are running contests for the last 3 months, using competition pools feature that we launched in November 2018. So far we've distributed ~130 Steem in prizes.

At the @steemfest, @vikonomics (founder of 1Ramp) mentioned that Steem is so far the best platform to host online contests. The inbuilt incentives, ease of distributing prizes, and the possibility of creating paid, free, and sponsored contests at little or no extra development cost makes it so lucrative.

Until now, we were enjoying the whole process of seamlessly creating contests using 1Ramp's Android app, browsing through the entries from one single page, and then the intuitiveness of declaring results. This feature was available to a limited number of accounts as we were testing it, building it, and making sure that only the useful and right pieces make it to the public.

And in this big announcement, we are opening up the contest creation feature for all the steem users

1. Hosting contests using 1Ramp is now open for all

It is the right time to make this feature available for all. We can't keep on perfecting it forever, now it is in the hands of our community and contest creators to use it and suggest us the direction for further improvement.

1.1. Enter contest details and publish -- Automatically posts an announcement blog

From the 1Ramp's Android app, when you click on the [+] button, three options will show up: blog, short posts, and create a contest.

For the time being and for the sake of this first iteration, we are keeping it there (accessible and easy to find). But we know that not everyone wants to run a contest, so by the next update on the competition pools, we'll move it in the competitions page itself.

To start a contest, all you need to do is go to the "Create a contest" page and fill in the contest title, description, and rules and click "Next". On the next page you'll be asked to choose the respective community, tags, pick judges (max. 3) by typing in their usernames (optional), put prizes, and upload a cover/banner image. That's it. Click publish and the contest will be live on across 1Ramp platform and an auto-generated blog will get published from your account.

GIF to walk you through the contest creation --


All the contests by 1Ramp are made using the same feature. Here is how the contests announcement blogs look like, samples: Caption this photo, Finish this story etc.

1.2. Your contests get featured on the 1Ramp's competition page

We've made a dedicated page for all the contest hosted using 1Ramp on web and Android as well. Every contest hosted using 1Ramp will get automatically featured here.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (5).gif

Competitions page on 1Ramp web

1.3. Declare winners -- Automatically publishes an announcement blog

The real fun and ease are on this part of contest lifecycle. On Steem the contest creators and community moderators go through a sea of hashtags and links to shortlist all the participants. On 1Ramp, you'll get to see all the participating entries at one place. Winner declaration is a two-step process. As of now, you can select up to three winners (rank 1, 2, and 3).

Here is a GIF showcasing the experience we designed --


Once you click "publish" after picking up the winners, an automated blog will be published from the respective account. Here are two samples: Winners announcement for "Illustrate a character -- Design Contest by 1Ramp" and Winners announcement for "Street Photography Contest".

1.4. Interested in creating contests using 1Ramp? We are sponsoring prizes 🙌

Join our Discord and post your request in the Contest channel. We will sponsor contests with total prizes up to 15 Steem.


2. Winner's Leaderboard

At the very core, 1Ramp stands for the creators who make communities, share content, and add value by creating and sharing. The people who are participating in contests and winning them deserve a special page. With that idea, we are launching the leaderboard --

2.1. A special place for all the winners on 1Ramp

The leaderboard will showcase winners from the last 10 competitions, the rank is decided on the basis of the Steem/SBD they won in prizes.



2.2. Leaderboard on 1Ramp's web-app

The leaderboard is also live on the web-app.

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 4.38.15 PM.png


3. Showing vote value

1Ramp's Android app only used to show the voting percentage on the posts earlier. Now you can also see the vote value against every upvote/ratings as well.


Pull-request --


4. What's next?

4.1. Contest creation using 1Ramp web-app

Contest creation will soon be available on the web-app. The development is under progress and the feature will be out soon.

4.2. Participate in the ongoing contests

Check out the 2 ongoing contests by 1Ramp with prizes worth 6 Steem each: Finish this story and Caption this photo.
Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 10.22.36 PM.png

4.3. We need your feedback

We are building a platform on Steem where people with creative interests can come together, engage with each other, participate in the communities, and compete in the contests. We imagine an exciting place on Steem with a friendly and familiar interface and experience. We invite you to try out 1Ramp and give us your feedback in comments or write us at [email protected]


1Ramp is a Social Media platform for creators (powered by Steem blockchain). On 1Ramp, you can join communities of your interest: Art, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Literature, Photography, and Travel and earn rewards for sharing your work. We are on a mission to give all creative communities one stage where you can compete, collaborate, and make good art.
1Ramp is Available on Google Play and Web.

Join the conversation on our Discord or write us at [email protected] Communities_on_1Ramp.png Twitter | Medium | Instagram | Facebook


See this post on 1Ramp Android and Web.


I really think you guys are doing an amazing job with these updates, and it's once again an obvious staff pick for me. Since it's a staff pick, it doesn't make sense to review it, so I won't, haha. All I want to say is: keep up the great work, you guys are definitely an inspiration to me (and I'm sure others)!

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Wow... where does that amazing banner come from! :-D Thanks @hidden84 ...rocking on!

looking forward to holding a contest there! :)

@teamhumble We would love that!

You can do that using the Android app now. We are working to add the feature in web app and it should be out soon.


Great news, I hope this will spread across the communities. Resteemed!

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Awesome! Such a useful feature, will be using this for sure!

great work guys 👍

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A lot of Steemians are searching for contest and 1ramp is like a one stop shop hope they'd be able to find this

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