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Everyone wants to be happy. Happiness lies in contentment. The more contented you are the happier you are. To be content, you need to have joy. And to find out joy is not an easy task for us.

I am going to share ten of the best ways that bring joy out of every day of your life.

  • Keep your health good:

    There goes a proverb that a sound mind lives in a sound health. To get the most joy out of your day, your health needs to be perfect. The state of your health largely controls your mood. Once your health is well your mind is able to be well too. So try to keep your health fit.

  • Know the things that give you joy:

    One of the best ways to find out joy form your day is to know what makes you happy. Do the things that make you joyous. Most of the cases, we don't even know what things are going to make us joyous. But it is a must to take the joy out of every day.

  • Find out the small things that give you joy:

    Savor even the smallest things that may be joyous. Mining these pleasant moments for joy is proved to be the cause of increment of happiness. A study over 101 men and women showed that those who tend to enjoy every good thing and share the happiness with others and were happy regardless of what happens around are more likely to be in a positive mood.

  • Distribute your time properly:

    Research shows that the social media users are less merry than those who don't use social media. Another research showed that the more a person goes on Facebook, the more he becomes less satisfied. The experts always recommend to shut off electronic devices and have some time to find happiness. You should give more time to find joy than for other tasks in your everyday life.

These habits will help you greatly to find out joy out of your day. Cultivate these habits first in yourself and then go for the rests that are described in the next sequel.

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