Happy 4th of July!! Hope Everyone Has A Fun and Safe Holiday!

in #happy6 years ago

I wanted to stop in and take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful 4th of July. The day is nearly over here in California, and I can hear the fireworks going off outside of my window, and it makes me think of the scared animals and the frightening thought of forest fires. I love fireworks, and I hope everyone is doing the best they can to have fun and be safe.

Wishing everyone a great evening and a happy 4th of July Holiday! Do you have any stories from the holiday that you'd like to share? Leave a comment below!

Special shoutout to @Zainenn and @Brainpod, I hope you both had a great night!


@itskyle thank you man! I hope you had a good night as well. The fireworks were pretty good this year! Apparently they had them in Westlake as well?

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