"Are You Happy"?

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Hello people, hope you all are doing good. So, today I have come with a question that might sound very strange to you, that is 'ARE YOU HAPPY'?
So as said by the famous writer Shaa Wasmund, "Happiness isn't a consequence of living a successful life, success is a consequence of living a happy life".
Isn't this quote so beautiful? A lot of studies are being conducted to find what makes people happy. The truth is we all are so unique that each one has his own definition of happiness. I used to feel happy when I used to be in school, playing and enjoying every moment I could. Now things have changed, I feel happy any moment of time because I feel grateful for everything in life. The moment you are grateful for whatever you have received, how can you not be happy.
Still some people postpone their happiness in the pursuit of success. Like for example, Only when I will achieve this particular thing, I will be happy, The moment they reach there, they find a new success goal and the cycle continues.
Studies found that there is a strong correlation between the warmth of relationships and your health and happiness.
If we see, there are a number of areas we need to encourage if we are to look after our mind and our wellbeing. These areas are:
-Physical activity
-Time for relationship
If we nurture each of these areas a little everyday, our life will be simpler and we will be able to achieve far more. The recipe may be different for each of us, but if we are able to mix all the ingredients in our daily life, we willbe able to create a happy world/workplace,
It's the people who make themselves happy by prioritizing the tasks they enjoy and the people they love who are
often most successful. If you sacrifice or defer your happiness in the quest for success, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. So go ahead and create the perfect blend of work and life.
Make sure you love what you do and do what you love. Happiness will never leave you and success will never elude you.
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