Live this moment... anything else is your imagination

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After reading this, you'll know exactly how to be happy every single day.

We think too much!

Most of us can't simply be happy, because there are just too many problems surrounding us each and every day.
But are they realy problems or just our thoughs about potential outcome of this or another situation which may never even come?

We think about the future, we think about the past.
We think about the good, we think about the bad.
We think about social status and so on...

But why not to try to imagine or ty to change the way of thinking, where there is no good or bad, there is no past and no future, there is no difference between poor and rich.

how to always be happy.jpg

Just stay in the center and try to live RIGHT NOW, right in this current moment. Because anything else is your imagination. Although certiain memories from the past or thoughs of the future can be very positive, they are still bringing the emotions that are happenig with you right now. Feel yourself and try to get to know yourself!


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Excellent, very convinient for me and others, thank you

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