Peeking into the Future of Cryptocurrency....with NEAR, Nervos and Oasis Coins

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Hello everyone,

This is actually the 6th instalment on peaking into the future of cryptocurrency. As it started with me examining the new coins coming to Binance and Coinbase as they are both now in the US.

I’m sure your aware that the US has the SEC regulating every tech company there, so all their coins must meet the strictest criteria, making them very good coins to research and investigate for the future!

I did a quick recap on what I’ve found out so far yesterday, which you can have a quick look at here:

What was new from yesterday’s research article is that Facebook, Telegram and Signal are all developing Cryptocurrency that is so light, safe and fast, that it can be exchanged via their messaging services, which sounds incredibly convenient!

Let’s see what we can learn from today’s new coins:




Complete transparency with almost every media channel (the good ones anyway :) listed. Plus they do an e mail newsletter as well, were quite used to that now aren’t we, these new coins are certainly not shy ☺️

So what is NEAR?



Now this IS exactly what we need in Crypto!

Could you read those screenshots?

They are going to:

  • Create a wallet that activates with your e mail and password, so no private key mightnares.
  • Pre- bought tokens save users going off site/ app to an exchange and have to deal with all those extra transactions and confusion/ incorrect deposit addresses etc
  • Create a coding language for their blockchain that’s easy for existing developers who code in certain languages already.

Well done NEAR 💯👍🏼

How many people must have had wallet issues and exchange problems in the past? Avoiding all of that potential drama has got to be good news for people looking at entering the crypto space.

I’m easily seeing the massive appeal of this coin and I’ve never had a problem with transactions and wallets, but it’s hard to explain all this stuff to noobs isn’t it? Breaking down the barriers to entry is exactly what we need now for this space to really grow!



Other advantages of this coin are:

  • Royalties for App developers/ people creating contracts
  • Sharding = Easy Scaling as NEAR runs Gas like Neo and Ethereum
  • PoS = Blockchain rewards for staking coins
  • Token Economics = Stablecoin so that developers and users know in advance what the costs are. 👍🏼

Sounds very civilised compared to Bitcoins wild ride that we’ve seen of late.


All the big investors are new except Coinbase Ventures, so no wonder it’s coming to their exchange first. What also worth mentioning is that All their team are ICPC medal holders...

ICPC = International Collegiate Programming Contest.

So they are pretty AMAZING at coding apps and software. I’m definitely keeping an eye out for this coin, it’s so easy to see how good it will be to bringing new people into crypto and making it much easier to interact in this space.

Probably my favourite coin so far I have to say...Massive 👍🏼✌🏼👌🏼👏🏼 To NEAR




Pretty decent Social media links and a newsletter for updates and transparency. Standard stuff for a new coin these days.


I did say these coins aren’t shy...right?

Well Nervos wants to solve not only Bitcoins issues but Ethereum as well!

And invites you to go over and even check out the ‘Awesome’ code, haha, confidence or what.

Although you can’t argue with Nervos because those statements are true:

  • Bitcoin can only securely store its own native token (BTC) and was not designed for future scaling solutions.
  • ETH’s token has a pay once, store forever model, which means a bloated, un-sustainable chain with ETH holders paying the price.

This PoW coin can turn - Any Crytpo Asset into a store of value as it has layer 1 coding but also runs smart contracts as it has layer 2 coding as well. Pretty Awesome!

Bit - Eth? Eth - coin? Nope!

Nervos 👍🏼


So it’s a bit of an Ethereum and Bitcoin killer eh? We shall see...

They say competition is good for all, as it will keep the Bitcoin and Ethereum developers/ coders working to improve their coins and OG tech.

They are just having a token sale as well I think, if it’s not just ended, here is their roadmap:


Big dreams for a new coin, but check out the list of partners and investors they have:



We can see Polychain Capital and Sequoia who I’ve mentioned are Huge Venture Capital firms in the USA, good to see Huobi are there as well.

Huobi are a Singapore based exchange and just like Coinbase, they are obviously keeping an eye on the future and helping the right coins come to market. As they need great coins on their exchanges to get the volume and therefor all those fees to make a living.

Nervos - Coinbase and Huobi listings already then, that’s a great start for them, plus they’re already at token launch stage, so we might hear a lot more about this coin very soon!

Last coin of the day then:


Oasis - XOS


Firstly, Oasis - is already a coin - XOS

You can see where it is traded here:


Swiftex and Altmarkets. Swiftex I’ve heard of but not Altmarkets, quite remote exchanges if I’m honest, but Coinbase could radically change that.

Which brings me on to my next point with this coin:


XOS or Oasis seems to be based on Pivx

Pivx is a fork off from DASH, and whilst both coins are great code, they are privacy coins and I just don’t see a great future for privacy coins? 🤔

Maybe this is a privacy coin with a difference as it looks like Coinbase are offering it, but I did read that they reserve the right to change their minds, citing future economic headwinds as the main reason.


They are boasting that it is incredibly rare and you it is a PoS coin so holding some big bags of this coin could make you a masternode and get decent rewards, like DASH offers, but also like Dash it’s been pummelled in the 2 markets it’s in.

Take a look:


DOWN - A whopping 95.6%


This for me, is probably the worst coin we’ve looked at so far. 😕

  • I couldn’t find an investors page
  • The website is one to two pages long on each tab
  • The pics of the coders and developers - couldn’t be worse!


Who the hell is that guy on the far right hand side, supposed to be?

Dark lord of the internet? LOL

So not very excited about this coin and in the pics nor do the developers, one is checking his phone and one is playing his guitar. Not exactly professional, to me. 😕

I guess you have to have one dud in every pack, eh?

That’s it from me today, sorry Oasis I’m expecting a lot more from the newer coins now and so far you don’t seem to cut it.

Let’s see what surprises we have in store tomorrow when I look at these 3 coins:


Till tomorrow then. Peace! ✌🏼☮️


Thanks again for these great posts! I keep a little list of "coins to check out", and lately it includes several of the coins you've featured. I'm off to add NEAR to that list right now--as a software developer, that one looks pretty exciting to me.

Thanks zyzzyva, Im glad you like! :)

NEAR is pretty cool isn’t it, there is such a big demand for this tech/ coin as getting into crypto is just so damn technical compared to anything else.

People don’t even want to search for car insurance, they just go to comparison sites lol, so they won’t get into crypto if it stays this way It is at the moment. It’s just too technical for a lot of people I think 🤔

I totally agree. That's been crypto's Achilles' heel for a long time--that it's too technical for the average user. (And it's pretty hard to explain how it works, too, but that's another issue!) I think people don't want to trust their money to a technology they don't really understand how to use. And I can certainly understand that.

I'm highly in favor of any project that helps bring crypto to the people who won't even search for car insurance. 😁 I hope NEAR can help with that a bit!

Haha! 😂 Exactly! We should start our own website comparison service - Crypto 👍🏼 I wonder if that is why, NEAR has a meerkat on the website?

That is the same as for car insurance here in the UK!? 😂

Seriously though your right! Money is such a sensitive subject anyway, so getting peoples trust on this subject is quite a difficult thing.

Haha, yeah! We could review cryptocurrencies as if they were fine wines. 😂 "Technically pleasing, but with a pre-mine aftertaste."

It's true, though, about money being a sensitive subject. I think people like to have the illusion, at least, that they know how financial tech works. It's like ATMs--people don't really know how the software works, or how the bills get counted, but the transactions "feel" like the same thing you do in person at a bank. Maybe that's how crypto should market itself...

Love it! Fine wine angle would be your personality take on cryptocurrency and I would talk about cars LOL!

Yes, digital money is coming in quick now, the kids of the future won’t lose coins on the floor. Everything will be on their phones, crypto just needs these 4 year olds to grow up fast 😜👈🏼

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