Peeking into the Future of Cryptocurrency....with Handshake, Kadena and Mobile Coin

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This should be called peaking into the future with Binance and Coinbase Part 4, but I think it’s beginning to sound a bit cheesy and people who might search for these new coins in the future, might not get this article show up.

That’s fixed now, however, but if you’ve been here from the beginning, I’m flattered and I thank you, high 5’s! 🙌🏼😁

Super quick recap on the series so far!

  1. A LOT of new coins are backed by Big Venture Capital companies = Trust Worthy not here today gone tomorrow

  2. These companies and investors are being very transparent about the coins/ tech/ team/ mission 🎯

  3. New coins seem to be based on superior tech rather than on scarcity

  4. This creates a new layer to Crytpo - Decentralised cloud computing, run by blockchain computers and supported by us users rather than corporations 💪🏼

  5. Stablecoins have found another use case as they are lighter, less volatile, SEC friendly and scalable

  6. New coins coming to coinbase and Binance appear to have a community base, either by mining, offering computer resources, supporting the network with hodling and/ or have a native wallet already built for the coin.

  7. There is a theme of disrupting current trends like cloud computing and data storage industries with these coins, as well as a decentralised internet or cloud computer. Bringing more power and more money/ rewards back to the user of the software, rather than pure benefit for the designers/ developers. ✌🏼


With that in mind, let’s see what handshake has to offer?


Handshake - HNS


GitHub, Reddit and twitter social media channels

Once upon a time we would run a mile from these bland, basic websites, but now I see it’s not about the glamourising web designers and there flashy new coin, it’s about the best minds coming together on a great idea. So I’m not bothered about this website looking basic, it’s what’s under the skin as you will see now when I show you who’s in the sponsors list:


Roger Ver - love him or hate him, he’s been in this space some time trying to decentralise Bitcoin and blockchain apps.

Polychain capital (again)

a16z Crypto is Andreessen-Horowitz VC company (again)

Sequoia Capital - The Biggest or 2nd Biggest VC company in the US.

So big you have to see their Wikipedia info to believe me! Huge VC company - I’ve highlighted in yellow arrows the best parts to read.


Trillions not Billions, that’s how much combined capital from the company’s they have helped set up, has totalled so far. Good job! 👍🏼

So it’s safe to say, they don’t make bad bets!

The tech is pretty simple to understand as well, they are going to use the Handshake coin HNS, to transfer, register, and update internet names.

Perhaps in the future we will all have a website of own as well as a Facebook page, insta account and Steem blog 👈🏼😎

Or they expect much more brick and mortar businesses and companies to have a bigger online presence?


Gosh! It’s such a basic website lol! But lurking behind it all is some incredible talent! Who would have thought?

Good to see they are spending the $10 Mill they raised on the tech and not a single penny on sexy web design. OK 👌🏼 I would rather see that than flashy websites that don’t hold much promise.

Simple concept. Big successful names backing it.

Watch this space - but I wouldn’t back the competition on similar coins to this...




Phew! Bit nicer on the eyes, this one isn’t it. 🥇🙆🏽‍♀️

Too many social media channels to list, just see how many they have on the left hand side there...

Kadena’s website does a great job of describing its services and mission, as it’s super transparent, just like the others, it’s blockchain has speed, scale, security and ease of use, so you can take us all to places we can’t even imagine yet.

That’s quite funny actually, these guys are talking about Web 3.0 then! I wonder what businesses and social interactions will take place on a newer, faster smarter web 🤔

Let’s check out the rest of their pretty website out:



As far as I can tell Kadena has developed PACT a code language that can talk to the blockchain and create a side chain application or software business or anything apparently that would benefit from interacting with blockchain tech.

Not much more I can say than that. Having a way to ask the blockchain to do work for every day people rather than super tech guys does sound pretty cool.

AI for the masses?

I guess we will have to see, I will certainly keep you updated. 👍🏼💯



This isn’t the while team, but I had to include this pic as look at the super cool hair on Monica Quaintance
Head of Research and Networks! That’s just awesome 👏🏼

Love the fact that people are being so individual and original these days in the way they look




Here are the pretty well known backers of this coin tech. Thankfully not the exact same names that we keep seeing before, but maybe more impressive a list?

These are pretty big companies and it’s awesome to see Bloomberg and other famous news/ media channels getting in on the action. I’m quite a fan of CNBC, it’s much better than CNN, well at least for Investment news and Bitcoin info 👍🏼


Another coin with a Newsletter already attached to it, which is amazing actually as Kadena already has 10,000 social networks that they have to engage in!

Talk about confidence building though. What great outreach on this coin, definitely looking forward to more developments...and Yep! I signed up for the newsletter 👌🏼😁

Last coin analysis for the day coming up:




Not quite the same outreach as some of the other coins, but I went on their twitter and they just met with the US Treasury Dept?? Really?


Who would have thought they would meet with a cryptocurrency enterprise?

It makes me wonder what really is being said behind closed doors! 🤔

I think the government realises they can’t stop cryptocurrency, so it looks like they are beginning to embrace it in some way? Certainly meeting up with companies like mobilecoin must be good. 👍🏼


So it looks like an easier to use wallet for this crypto. THANK YOU!

I think that must be one of the biggest barriers to entry for new people is all this private key business, I think we need a better wallet system for the future. Maybe a key encrypted to your finger print or face.

Near instant transactions - under 10 seconds

Complete opaque ledger...Hmmmm no wonder they met with the US Treasury 👈🏼😁

Light and easy on resources

Definitely ticking a lot of the boxes we’ve seen on the other coins so far...All these new coins have definitely trimmed off the fat and got themselves nice and fit for the future 💪🏼💯

Before I leave you today, here is an article that mobilecoin had tweeted, it says that these new coins are designed to send payments over messaging services like Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.

So THIS is the future...


Till tomorrow. Peace! ✌🏼☮️

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