Good bicycle!

Grazie @ekaterinka thank you so much

Nice bike lucky you. I cant ride them yet lol. Tried when I was a teenager but couldnt keep my balance :(

@hanen glad you liked the post, going by bike it makes feel you so free to go and discover new places... :-) You should keep trying to learn

Yes sure I will try again and hope it works out. Hope I dont end up in a pond between the ducks lol

I am sure you will succeed :-)

Yes I hope so , thank you :)


Amazing! I've never seen somone who built his own bike!

:-) Yes, I am trying to do my best...

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bicycle is a tool for freedom.

yeah, it reminds me a happy childhood. I had it when I was a kid and someone stole it. After that, I have like a silent desire to have it again and probably, I will buy it when I have such amounts of money :)


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OMG that brazing is prefect. Thats a sweet ride forsure.

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Good content and quite interesting. Thanks.

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Good bike!