High standards, they slow me down

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It's not a secret, I am not easy. My standards are pretty high, for others, for myself. Perfection is not what I am looking for, but it has to be good, no matter what it is that is being worked on.

This slows down my knitting, or maybe not.
Not so long ago, I posted about a vest that was all ready and done, and I still decided to redo the collar.

The same thing is happening with a baby blanket I am working on.

Knitting baby blankets is fun, you should try it. No babies around here, so hopefully I will be able to sell some soon. Otherwise I have to bother the second hand store in our village with it. That would actually be a nice challenge too. Bring your stuff and see how long it takes before it is sold. That is sort of the opposite challenge of the one @father2b has gotten himself into. But I digress (nicked this phrase from @profanereviews, he uses it a lot and I like the sound of it).

First Try

The baby blanket started out as this. The yarn used is left over yarn from the vest. Left over may be the wrong phrase as it is a huge ball of wool, and I only needed a small part of it to finish the vest.

This may seem fine, but it is wonky. At the bottom, and at the sides too.
Time to start over.

Second Try

Then it became sort of the same, but without the horizontal lines. Knitted it all up to the height of 70 cm and decided, it was no good. The part knitted in knit stitch was just too fluffy, too bulky, you could not flatten the blanket. Time to start over.
(I was pretty sure I took a picture of it, however can't find it anywhere)

Three time's a charm

This is what it looks like now. Different pattern, completely flat, and still fun to do.

It may seem a bit wonky but that is due to all stitches being cramped up on one needle.

Does it slow me down?

When you look at finishing the blanket, for sure. When you look at spending my time knitting, it doesn't really matter. Whether it is the blanket or the next project, knitting is knitting, and fun by default.


I crossposted this post into the Needleworkmonday Community, that way more Steemians interested in knitting will see it. You will get 90% of the rewards :)

Thank you, I will take a look soon.

Many times patching and fixing something takes much longer than just starting over. I think with knitting there is almost no choice but to start over so practice makes perfect I guess :) !tip 2

Exactly! With code, it either works or it doesn't. It often saves time to start over. Use another approach.
With knitting it often takes a while before you see whether or not the result meets your expectations.
Thanks for the tip.

I only now found your post and I kind of agree with you. If I don't really like the result of my knitting, most it's better to start anew. Most of the time you learn a lot if you do "nearly" the same project again. In my knitting group I'm known for simply pulling the needle out of the project and start unravelling ;) Other times, I can live with mistakes, though not if it's going to be a gift.

Do you know @needleworkmonday? It's a community of people who love needleworks - knitting, crocheting, sewing, cross stitch... every craft where a needle is involved is welcome. Each Monday we show each other (and the world) what we are working on, what we plan to do or what project just has been finished. Come and take a look at the #needleworkmonday posts!

I agree, when it is a gift it needs to be perfect very very very near perfect. People will always say they don't see the errors that are so obvious to me, but I think they just want to be nice.

@needleworkmonday is a new one for me, my main platform is whaleshares.io. That is probably the reason. Will take a look. Thanks for your comment.

leuk man!

het schijnt heel "meditatief" te zijn. Lijkt me leuk.

grt, @vjbasil

Als je het uithalen even niet meetelt, is het zeker meditatief.
Probeer het eens.

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