Some spooky stuff going on at the @welshstacker household! A Halloween special...

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I'm not a believer in ghost, I just can't get my head around dead, distant relatives or previous inhabitants of a my house just waiting around randomly watching me take a shit or cook some food.... If ghosts were real, then surely we'd see other forms of ghosts??

NO ONE ever says they've seen a ghost Tyrannosaurus Rex!!


And after saying all that above, Im now going to tell you that I have personally witnessed some strange stuff going on in our house since we moved in 3yrs ago....

Stuff like:

  • the dog randomly barking at the walls and then sitting and making that high pitched yelping noise and running away

  • shadows and "orbs" floating across the room (we have videos)

  • windows we know are closed, suddenly being open when you return into the room

  • when 1/2pint was only a few months old, lots of strange things used to happen to him....

  1. lost dummies would randomly appear on top of the old fireplace
  2. The television would turn its self on when he started to cry
  3. there would always be a light/orb following him as he crawled or sat up


Now I've always dismissed the above goings on, and tried to use the rational part of my brain to come up with logical explanations. But then yesterday the strangest thing happened...

I was minding my own business, sitting around watching "gold rush", in my pants, on the discovery channel when out of the corner of my eye I saw 2 strange, what can only be described as creatures, making their way towards me. I jumped and let out a little fart in fright!

There before me stood a heavily pregnant witch and a short, overweight vampire.....


The mean vampire "hissed" and made some odd hand gesture towards me.


I didn't know if I was to hide in fear or high-5!


So today is "all hallows eve", the religious day that has now morphed into a commercial day, where kids get dressed up and expect sweets!

So after 1/2pint went to bed, Mrs W and myself got busy pumpkin carving. We would let 1/2pint join in, but we've all seen the film "Halloween" and know who Michael Myers is??


So you can understand why we don't let him touch knives!!


Mrs W loves a bit of pumpkin carving and got stuck straight in. I'm sure in her head she was visualising pulling my brains out, she kept giving me the "I wish I could do this to you look".

Me, on the other hand, sat there looking at my pumpkin, deciding which angle was best to start carving. Which face would best suit the shape of the pumpkin and could I get some inappropriate words carved in at the same time.....


I'm the end I settled for your basic, buck toothed, pumpkin smile. A classic, but still a good one


2 things - YES the original picture (in the dark) is my pumpkin. And YES mine does look better....

So I hope you all have a spook-tacular Halloween and remember kids, don't be afraid of the ghosts and ghouls that knock on your door this evening.... Its the ones that live under your bed you should be scared of!! Mwaahahahaha hahahaha


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Are the shadows and orbs floating around really just farts that have so many solid particles that they catch the light?


Of course there are no t-Rex ghosts. Ghosts are lost souls... and those religious people always say only humans have souls. 😉

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Happy Hallowe'en


Haha... fun stuff man!
🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃