Halloween Music From the 60s Part 5 - Season Of The Witch!

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Most people know the 1966 version by Donovan and Jimmy Page, but a creepier version is by Vanilla Fudge!

Oh No! Must be the season of the Witch, yeah!

Well, yes it is! Halloween or All Hallows Eve is just a little over 2 weeks away, on Wednesday October 31st. It is a harvest festival based on the Pagan holiday of Samhain when the door to the supernatural world was opened. The next day is the Catholic holiday, All Saints Day or All Hallows Day. On Halloween, you'll be called to open the door to your house and provide sweets to costumed kids dressed as super heroes, scary beings and maybe even witches! Buy your candy NOW! :) Beware what could happen if you do not give a treat; you may receive a trick!

Donovan was a popular singer in the 1960s having such hits as Mellow Yellow, Sunshine Superman and the super psychedelic Hurdy Gurdy Man (YouTube video here) which may have lead to the formation of Led Zeppelin! It is said that Page, Jones and Bonham played on that song. Jimmy Page also played on Donovan's version of Season Of The Witch (YouTube video here).

While Donovan's version is a bit psychedelic and sets a bit of a Halloween mood, you ain't heard nothin' till you hear the Very Creepy version by Vanilla Fudge! Vanilla Fudge was a New York band that covered hits of the day in a thick chewy remix featuring organ and acid guitar. They had a big hit with the Supremes song, Keep Me Hangin' On. Their version of Season Of The Witch is from 1968 and is much more scary than the original!

Although Donovan's version is long, the Vanilla Fudge drag it out to 9 minutes! It doesn't even properly get started until well after the first minute. Of course the pace is slower and the organ sounds like something from a horror movie. The singer is heard to moan "Help me!" several times.

The middle part features spoken dialogue. And there's more at the end. The singer cries out for help from God. The last thing he says is "Mama I'm cold" which serves to send chills down your spine! Then a mournful whistling of the chorus of "The Beat Goes On" by Sonny and Cher.

Disclaimer! I shall not be held responsible for any nightmares you may experience after listening to this creepy scary song, or any of the others in my Halloween Music Series! Good luck listening to Season Of The Witch by Vanilla Fudge!

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