Halloween Music From the 60s Part 4 - Black Sabbath by Coven!

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Before the band Black Sabbath, there was the band Coven doing some similarly satanic things! Female singer Jinx Dawson is a beautiful blonde woman with a voice like Grace Slick from The Jefferson Airplane. She is also likely a Witch!

Recorded and released in 1969 BEFORE Black Sabbath's first album, Coven created their first album Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls and it came out on Mercury Records, a Major label.

Here's some very strange Coven TRIVIA! Coven's bassist is Oz Osbourne and the first song on their album is Black Sabbath! Coven started in 1967 and Jinx Dawson is STILL touring these days and looking fine. Deal with the devil??? Coven was the first band to use the Sign of the Horns! \m/ Jinx Dawson and Coven had a HUGE hit in 1971 with "One Tin Soldier" from The Legend of Bill Jack movie.

The Full Album "Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls" is on YouTube but we'll listen to Black Sabbath. I must WARN anyone reading that the last track on the album is a real Black Mass. The inside of the album cover shows Jinx Dawson naked on an alter during the Black Mass with a skull on her pubic area and a chalice on her chest. A picture is linked in the wikipedia article for the album. NSFW!

The entire album is pretty cool, musically, especially for those who dig 60s heavy psychedelic music. The melodies are sweet and the guitar leads are tasty in parts. As stated, Jinx has a strong voice like Grace Slick but most of her singing is relatively subdued and spoken in parts.

So here is Black Sabbath by COVEN from 1969 BEFORE Black Sabbath the band with Ozzy recorded anything!

Here are some Pictures of Jinx Dawson.

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