Wednesdaywalk- Beach walk

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I definitely love this island with madness. As difficult as one day is, seeing the beach and feeling the wind on your face improves any bad day.


The weather here is a bit changing, yesterday was a rainy day and today the sun was radiant ideal to enjoy the beach.



I love the ability of everyone who lives even in Venezuela. That even in times of adversity we continue trying to do our best. I love this island and all the potential there is. I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos.


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So beautiful! Have a Blessed Day!

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Thanks so much dear 💙

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A beautiful place to live.. would be paradise If there wasn't so many things going wrong.

You're right. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to live here and that there was work and that things were not so bad ... Living here is a daily struggle

I know it is, its not a goof life for you all.

No, it is not. But we do our best.... My mom sends you greetings❤

You have to hun, send my love back to your mum ♥

WOW what a beautiful beach such a gorgeous spot for a walk

thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

If it is a very beautiful beach, ideal for walking and enjoying nature

Ohh yes it sure looks ideal :)

Looks like a lovely day for a walk on the beach.

It is wonderful to live here and enjoy the beach, which helps me recharge

These are absolutely dreamy photos Denisse! I know money problems makes life really difficult and trust me I know, because I am struggling too. And yes, us Canadians may have more opportunistic than people in other countries, but the cost of food and living is very high and the winter is long and depressing. So every time you struggling think about how blessed you are to live near such a beautiful beach that if I want to see I need lots of money that I don't have. But I am not giving up, lol. I am working towards my dream, just like you working towards yours. There for lets stay focused on our dreams together and they will come true 😍

You are so right in your words. Many times I complain about not having everything I want, but I know I am very lucky for everything I have! And I know that I can achieve everything that I propose ... Thank you because all the love you give me here makes me so happy and often makes me forget the problems. Thanks my dear Lena❤💕🌻

You are most welcoem my Dear Denise. Stay strong and if things don't go as you plan, do something else instead 🌸💖🌸

I know that God has a perfect plan for everyone. I go one day at a time and I know that good things will happen!

@tipu curate 😊

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Thank you so much 😊