Hakaluki Haor (EP-1)

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Hakaluki haor is the largest Haor in Bangladesh. It is one of Asia's largest sweetwater shrines. The area of Hakaluki Haor is 18115 hectares only in the area of Beal 4400 hectares. Barlekha 40% of this Haor Moulvibazar district, Kulaura 40% and 15% of Fenchuganj of Sylhet district spread 10% of Gopalganj and 5% in Beanibazar. Geologically, its position is at the foot of the Tripura hills in the north of Meghalaya hills in the north. Due to geological features, there is a sudden flood in almost every year due to the heavy hills in the hilly area. There are 80 to 90 small and big-medium beal in this Haor. All the winter Beal surrounding the migratory birds became the face of the whole area.
This way, visit the guest in large numbers every year. This Hakaluki Haor is a habitat monastery for guest birds. These guest birds are one of the important components of the country's environment. They are no longer seen as a prey for some unscrupulous birds. These birds are now going to extinction. The awareness that these vital elements of our environment should be kept alive.
In the rainy season, this Haor is amazing from. Only water and water play around. She is an amazing scene. Haor in the rainy season becomes a sea. Thai Thai water is not seen anywhere on the other side. To whom the mind becomes desperate. In the absence of the coughing of the chest or side of the pain.
Winter scenes of horoscope in the winter and the wide crystals of the beal are really eyesight. There is no way of understanding that in the ground also season, watch the ground also fall under the water. Surrounding the green grass carpet in the surroundings of the high ground beal creates a reflection of the image of a landscaped land. The sun's image is very charming in the waterways. In winter, guest birds come in rows and come here from neighbouring countries. The arrival of the guest bird has become a Haor so the paradise. At this time, the crows of people in the city's Kalkakalita to raise the Haor in order to make friends with the birds. In the rainy season, some guests are found in birds on Haor.hlh007.jpeg
It is reported that many years ago, in the fear of the army of Maharaja Omar Manikya of Tripura, Baroque's cookie shark was festooned in a vast area in the jungle-backed and muddy area, in that time the name of this area was "Hangor Luki" which gradually collapsed in " Hakaluki". The area surrounded by Hakaluki Haor is considered to be inclusive. It is preserved as a Ramsar area for international importance and sustainable use in the preservation of wetland.
Different species of Hakaluki Haor are grown. One of the most exciting floating large plants of the day is no longer. There is a small size forest in Chatla Beal.hlh002.jpg
Wheat buffalo sheep from various places roamed freely during the dry season on the vast coast of Hakaluki Haor. When the people of the coastal areas of Haor are reaped, they send their livestock cattle in a dry season during the dry season to a group of people living in Haor who look after them. They get milk in return for this work. At the end of the expiration, the actual owner returned the cows and calves. This whole system is called Bathan. The owners of these bathanes earn money by selling milk of these cattle. For this reason, these Haors are famous for milk and yoghurt.hlh001.jpgThis Haor area has developed the duck farm in the private initiative of the people. A farm usually has more than thousands of duck or more ducks. It is not necessary to provide special food for the farmers. Because the ducks can eat their food from Haor.

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