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[photo by @marcoriccardi]

This is my 2nd entry for haiku contest @bananafish, you can read the details of this contest here

In the quiet lake

On the small boat, i kiss you

Give you all of me

> > > > > > > < < < < < < <

Ciuman pertama

Ah ciuman itu,
Yang kuberikan padamu
Tempo dulu
Masih membekas di ingatanku

Alangkah lucunya kita
Alangkah lugunya
Betapa kecilnya dunia
Betapa besarnya kisah kita

Di sini, di masa lalu
Di hari ini, di masa lalu
Aku menciummu
Dan kini, aku merindukanmu


Thanks for read

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ok, thanks @hoaithu for your upvote. also thanks for your advice. 🙏🌹

It is just an introduction, not advice. Hihi
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Besos en el lago sereno, Wong.

primer beso en el lago sereno. 😀

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I kindly remind you that only one entry for the competition is allowed, however I renew the congratulations for the poems you write