Mizu No Oto Haiku Contest - Week #01 - @bananafish

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Mizu no oto 1.jpg
Image Credit @f3nix

The @bananafish community found fame on Steemit with the Finish the Story Contest now in its 27th Week.

Bananafish Family Productions has a new weekly haiku contest that all poets are welcome to enter.

For more information visit @bananafish or #haikucontest or follow this link:

Special thanks to @marcoriccardi and @f3nix!

My Entry based on the above picture:

Gray sea coastal wall
Fall rain sadness for sailors
Their wives left at home

Bonus Feature:
The Diminished.JPG
(On the left, Mig Windows Director/Screenwriter of the film The Diminished. On the right, Corey Renfree playing the lead role of a rock star named Rich.)

Not long ago, I answered a Craigslist advertisement for a Production Manager position on a film to be made locally. Did an interview with the Director/Screenwriter at my home. She felt that my living room made the perfect set for a scene in the movie.


We planned on September 6th and 7th to do auditions for two key roles in the film. With the lead actor Corey already picked to play Rich, a rock star; we wanted to look at the chemistry of actors that might play Tucker his brother, or Brandy his girlfriend.

Once the auditions are finished, Mig will continue with producing as much of the film as possible before we call all the actors in together sometime at the end of October.


A Side not a Script
Moved up to Line Producer
Silver screen day dream

Thank you,
Cyrus Emerson

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Red Roses Dress.jpg

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Enjoy haiku.

I liked the direction you chose, spouses being apart and missing each other. The rain falling from the sky and down the wives' cheeks. (That's how I pictured it anyway. 😊)

Thanks for the bonus and congrats on being hired to work on The Diminished! (Your second haiku was a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed it even more since it's more personal to what you've told us.)

After the kireji, the third verse makes the exterior rain the mirror of the internal melancholy, in a circular sense. Bravo!


Thanks. Paid attention to the list and did my best to incorporate some elements mentioned.


The list completely went south when I interpreted natural as raw. The seduction of pure angst won again.

Two haikus in one post! Clearly a sin for having fun now!


LOL. You got that right @theironfelix

I liked the last verse of the haiku in particular but most of all your bonus pic and report from The Diminished..it looks promising (I saw the indiego campaign and that producer.. Gillis.. cracked me up in the youtube video!). The Tortillas would be a great add for that movie or a spin-off hahaha


A Bananafish Family productions presents


Made an edit!


LOL that would do!


It's a start of a new beautiful company!


That's cool @f3nix. Glad to share this information with you all. Helps inspire this low budget film. Hope to share the movie when completed as well. Probably will not be finished until next year fingers crossed.

Poignant haiku. I like the way the first line sets the sombre mood.

Also--congratulations on the film venture. My son has made independent films (behind the scenes). It's exciting. I went to one of the film festivals once. Memorable. Good luck!


Thanks! Been fun so far for sure.

Any movies on YouTube or Netflix?


No...he and his friends did make it into a couple of film festivals and earned some prizes, but I can't remember what that was. Bad mom :) It's a nice journey though. Full of possibilities, and even if these don't pan out, a rich adventure.
Both my kids toyed with the performance arts in some way. Funny, because I'm such a private person.
I wish you the best.

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