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This is my entry for Mizu No Oto - Every Image Has Its Haiku Contest - WEEK #1.

Image by @F3nix

Autumn's treasure drifts
to the red gate while the wind
whispers on the waves.

       @Bananafish has brought something new to the waters of Steemit, Mizu No Oto - Every Image Has Its Haiku Contest! The challenge, meant to foster creativity and growth among a fun community of writers, is easy to join and not to be missed.

      To participate, first write a haiku using the photo provided in the contest post as your inspiration. Then submit your entry, which can be the link from your blog or the haiku itself into the comments so that everyone can have the chance to read it. While you're there, check out the offerings from others as this community is all about sharing and interacting with each other.

      Never wrote a haiku? Or perhaps the last time you did was during a one week segment of high school where you extolled the antics of a fiery monkey in order to watch the faces of your teachers pale? @Bananafish has you covered. This fintastic introductory post by @Marcoriccardi gives a bit of history of haiku and everything you'd need to plunge into new poetic depths.
Thank you @Omra-Sky for my sweet squirrple separator!

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Art by @PegasusPhysics
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Join in the #haikucontest fun!
Thank you @Omra-Sky!

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Very beautiful, @brisby!


Aww, thank you Marco! 🤗 I look forward to learning more about haiku as Mizu No Oto continues on through the weeks. (Fair warning, this means many beginner mistakes for you to have to read through. I'm going to jump ahead and give you my apologies now. 😉)

I like this one .. better than beer.


Thank you for reading and for the GIF! It makes me want to try out a microbrewery kit so that Brisby beer can be a thing! (I wonder how many 'nut' puns I can fit on a label?)


Thank you Cyemela!

Beautiful poem!

while the wind
whispers on the waves.

I especially love that phrase!


Thank you! I wondered if alliteration was frowned upon in haiku but kept reading that the words should evoke feeling while being said within one breath. It makes me happy that you found something you loved about it! 😁

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Thank you! 😊

Hi brisby!!! It is great to see you posting again and your haiku is beautiful!!!
Welcome back!!! Hugs!!!


😻 Thank you Whatisnew! 🤗 I'm so happy that you liked my haiku and even happier to have the hugs!

Here's something completely adorable that I thought you'd enjoy!

Have a wonderful day!


OMG! You made my day with this video! Isn't that something?!?! This is the first time I saw a baby squirrel and it is adorable, not to mention those adorable kittens. And it purrs like a cat. OMG! What a wonderful momma cat. Thanks soooo much brisby! : )