A Tree Haiku

in haiku •  4 months ago

love is like a tree
water and light make it grow
prolonged drought brings death

tree tuesday.jpg

Photographed in the graveyard of St. Nicholas Church, Aberdeen, Scotland with #treetuesday in mind!
Image © Diane Macdonald. All Rights Reserved. Captured with iPhone 8 Plus

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Estas en lo cierto!!

Thank you for sharing, please can you follow me to help me, Thank you @zipp03 :)

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It is a beautiful tree! Happy to see you were flexibly balanced!


Hehe! Yes, I vowed to do just one major post a day, but uploading the occasional poem and photo is not out of the question! x

Is a great tree apower tree, i want invite to read my last post "Benefits of hugging a tree" two great post your post and my post.