I hope it continues to grow .. a chain-Haiku

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Hello Steemit!

A few days ago I posted my participation in a weekly Haiku contest.
I love taking part in this contest every now and then,
and I always try and base the Haiku on current real life events.
This particular week was all about being stuck in the bed for
a week with my boyfriend, both of us suffering the flue.
Being sick together can be tricky and testing,
almost like putting an IKEA flat-pack together with your partner,
it can swing both ways :D

But we survived!

quoted from my original post

about Love & Marriage

And it is that particular line that was picked up by

girlbeforemirror (65) · 5 days ago
An honest description of marriage...and a very nice poem too. 😂
I'll do an entry too.
I'll call it
But we survived, a chain haiku. Inspired by @cryptocatz love and marriage entry. Is that a thing? Well it is now!

Which resulted in the following post:


How neat is that?

I decided to follow up on the chain-haiku idea..
And choose the following line from @girlbeforemirror's post:

I hope it continues to grow


I feel like we give up to quickly these days..

Love, relationships, marriage,
it all takes a lot of hard work,
and to often we take things for granted..
It doesn't take a lot of effort to make
a person smile?
a small compliment, or just a listening ear,
accepting eachother's flaws, it can all
work wonders for your relationship!
Our love is unconditional..
and it is the best feeling in the world!


I hope it continues to grow

Together we root
so both our branches can grow
reaching for the light..


Now, let's put the chain together:

Love & marriage

our love is for keeps
hearts and souls, unite as one
never feel alone..

Well we survived

Blazing or smoulder
Together guarding embers
With choice to ignite.

I hope it continues to grow

Together we root
so both our branches can grow
reaching for the light..

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girlbeforemirror (65) · 5 days ago
Is that a thing? Well it is now!

cryptocatz (47) · 5 days ago
We made another thing 😁

I hope you guys enjoyed this

please, feel free to follow up,
the more the merrier !

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How beautiful.
Congratulations on your engagement. You two are gorgeous.
Ikea packs I just walk away from. I make my teenager help, even before they were a teen it was their job. I think we just knew it was not a good idea. I can't follow instruction, Ikea or his.
You should see us make Christmas gingerbread as a family, almost divorced for Christmas every year....
I will respond if we don't get a bite from someone else.
The only prompt I best steer clear of is -
Together we root...
It is Australian slang for... Getting it on... If you know what I mean.... 😆😜😎😭😳😈😇


Go for it!
A hump-day Haiku ? 😎
The Christmass antics do ring a familiar bell
here aswel 😊

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