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I know we have had our battles on here. Let me tell you how this began. On December 20, 2017, I joined Steemit. I think I read about it from an app I had on my computer that tracked crypto coins. The very same day I joined, was the day the flagwars started between you & Bernie. I had seen all kinds of post from Bernie Trending. I had no clue WTF this shit was. I was wondering why this guy was attacking you.

I thought this place was really fucked up. For a few weeks it kept going on back & forth between you both. I'm not sure how I came to choose a side. I probably should not have. I do not know. That doesn't matter right now. I ended up on Bernies side of the flagwars.

Yada yada yada yada....

Now we come to today. I have put in a lot of HARD WORK trying to destroy you. I'm nothing on here but I have tried really hard just to help steemit get better. I took so many flags from you just to help drain your voting power so your upvotes would be less. Meanwhile the people on my side of the flagwars was not hardly getting flagged as much as I was. They still were collecting big Steem payouts.

You really hurt my steemit account(s). I'm not gonna say it's your fault or my fault. It's the systems fault. But when your're working really hard at doing something & then you get told the steem abuse project your're in isn't for flags against whales, that REALLY PISSED ME OFF.

Why? Because a majority of them are ABUSING steemit. An example. That $2000 post by JerryBanfield. All upvoted by bid bots. That is what I wasn't allowed to flag with our project. WTF, that is the top TRENDING abuse right now. Above anything you could be doing.

So I have decided I am done posting memes & other stuff about you on here. I removed a few things. This does not mean I agree with what you do on here. It just means I am done working so hard to get rid of you. Why should I try when I get nothing from it, while the others reap all the rewards? I spent so many hours working on things just towards you. It got me nowhere in the end on here.

So now it's up to witness, other whales or whoever to decide what happens to you. I don't give a fuck anymore. I'm not gonna say I'm sorry for what I did. I am not apologizing to you. I am not going to spend hours & hours going back through my blog(s) to remove everything the past week I posted about you. That would be way too many hours. I haven't felt too good this week anyways. I would like to play some games on Xbox a few times in the next days.

The only thing I will ask from you is to please don't flag me anymore. I think that is ok to ask. I do not want to go back to spending hours doing all the stuff I was doing before. I might look at your blog once & a while. If I do happen to comment please don't flag me. It will be crypto related comments. Sometimes your followers say some really dumb things & I need to say something funny back to them. I don't think that should deserve a flag.

I do like cryptos, that's why I have made suggestions that maybe you could change a few things you do on your blog. You could actually make it a lot better. You could go into live streaming or something. Talk about other things related to crypto. I feel people on steemit are just kinda of tired of seeing the same things over & over from you everyday.

If you changed the look of your layout, background, & re-invented your steemit blog. I bet it would do even better on here. Well that's all I have to say.....

(Just kidding only want your upvotes)


But he is our lord and savior. God save @Haejin

The thing is I told you before that was outside of scope before you decided to go after Jerry. I've personally flagged his post because I do believe it is grossly overvalued.

But what I do with @steemflagrewards is another matter. When I requested help from the witnesses and community to build the project, it was within certain parameters. If I were to deviate from the parameters now, that would be a breach of what they had entrusted me with for that project.

FAW was created with my own resources and, as such, I had the liberty to determine its course. Could we theoretically go after Jerry when we are done with Haejin? Sure, anything can happen but I listen to the community leaders for the direction we take. We are their resource and any effort initiated without them has a good probability of failure. The caveat is that it would be wise that I coordinate ANY campaign with FAW with our whale friends. To do otherwise, is to spell disaster. It's just the way it is man.

We can't move too quickly too soon and go after all the villains of the blockchain all at once. They know who they are and as long as we have hero whales that will strive against them. I will do my best to ensure they have us as support and that means I must think strategically understanding my own limitations.