Punisher #3: The issue with @haejin! I've been silent for too long...

in haejin •  11 months ago

Punishment is coming

Sometimes raising from the dead takes time. 7 months in hell can be literally hell. Now I come to my beloved Steem platforms and feel almost as if I never left hell in the first place. It's a war zone.
Anyone can tell, that I am no friend of voting bots, neither automatic ones nor payed ones. I encountered @fystikken with his stupid socialist bot and I warned to use upvote bots else than as tipping tool engaging with @berniesanders

Now I have to face something else...


and more minions

They follow this greedy little uninspired asian genie on drugs, who calls himself @haejin (pronounce "high dschinn"). At least I now know, why these minnows are yellow. I ever wondered... (And this is not meant in a racist way, although I really don't care)

This guy is protected by a beastmaster who is the real threat, because he is like a watchdog guarding his precious virgin. His name is @ranchorelaxo. This is how I imagine him to look like:

But probably he looks like this, because I think he cannot count to three, and not think for a second about the consequences of his stupid flagwar:

Relax rancho!

@haejins motto is "Opt OUT of FIAT & Opt INTO Cryptos" which is good!
Most will like what he has to say, and probably his analysis are good... I don't know and I don't care. But are these analysis really worth like 2% and more of the reward pool? I've watched several of the analysis and I am not impressed. Making a little math again ( I am not good at it, so this will be easy to follow)

If we have about 500k accounts on Steemit, as @ned claimed at steemfest in Lisbon, then everyone should have a chance for 0,0002%. If we calculate with 20k active accounts this number is still 0,005%.
I am not much a socialist, but someone claiming between 500 times and 10.000 times this amount as rightfully his is imho quite a malicious statement.

The right move here is a flag

for disagreement on the reward

But this is NOT my issue. Everybody should vote and flag as he pleases.
BUT THINK before you do it and don't destroy what people build in months of work. I am sure everyone that flagged @haejin did so for a reason. @ranchorelaxo does it for revenge, so do it the minions.

Read more:




Destroying the SPL Poker league is just an EVIL move.

Your Steem and SBD will be worth shit if you start destroying thriving communities!

You have been warned.

Back to a world of killers. Rapists. Psychos. Perverts. A brand new evil every minute, spewed out as fast as men can think them up. A world where pitching a criminal dwarf off a skyscraper to tell his fellow scum you're back is a sane and rational act. The angels thought it would be hell for me. But they were wrong.

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Good post ever

This drama is being way to long.

I’m on the fence in regards with this drama.

I have a question though. @haejin did make a lot money. He posted things like in twitter, well more words than twitter with a photo, and it was like an alert for his followers which alot of it, he brings to steemit.

We have one liner apps too, i forgot about the apps name.

My question: are we not allowed to gain on few line contents just like he did? They way steem works, he got paid by his followers of his service. Like a tips. They liked it, it gives them money. What kind of things he should be doing here without doing that?

What method should he use?

So he should not post any?

My question as a newbie with very low voting power is; should those of us working so hard to create content, be victims of the destruction of this ecosystem? It is really not fair. And I feel completely powerless in all of this.

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I like your style, take em out Frank

since following @haejin my invest got 30% up and i learned a lot, but sure i see the problems with steem aswell... newcomers are going under in the massive posts, some take the big parts with good content and good advertisement. following now.

Everybody who care for the good of the platform and Steem should look into this as it becomes a more and more serious problem. The flags that go this and there make pretty much harm. People should unite and take a decision regarding this use of reward pool and flags against the people who are not on the same side as @haejin. And this should be done fast, before it's too late...

Lol you remind me of the US dept of state

"we declared RT a foreign agent and they are banned from ...."

two day later

" Russia declared CNN a foreign agent and banned it from Russia parliament this a scandalous aggression of human right and free speech for which we stand for OMG !!! "

hypocrite ....


Well now show me one point, where I flip flopped my opinion.

You should learn about the meanings of words before using them!
So duck down little richard and grow yourself a brain.